Casuals of Saurfang

My fellow scum casuals of Saurfang, it is I Cinder, normally i do not post on the forums, but it pains me to see my bretheren getting all up in arms over this whole war against the horde and such.

As the Grand Exalted High Emperor of casuals on Saurfang, your allegiance is to me, be you horde or alliance, so let us put and end to the bickering.

If you want to succeed as casual scum on this realm, you have to be horde, alliance just doesn't cut it these days, Therefore I call my Banner men of saurfang to unite the clans of casual scum.

Morge: Leader of the out heal the 1shot.

Mooniee: King of the global.

Colcannon: Overlord to the valley of pets.

Cast: Hedontneednospiritshellcauseheisastrongindependentwhitemale from the village hidden in the smite.

Together we will be a casual force to be reckoned with!

Alliance casual scum you have but one offer to be one of us AND FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY!

As casuals we have the high ground in WoW.

Remember it doesn't matter, who we are as individuals, what matters is our plan!
It's only me and you who post here snokey. You should of just kept it as that those other people don't even count there like wannabe misfits or randoms on a similar level to snaj.

... Mr Ups man

... Mr Nps man

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