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Hey guys so I've been leveling a monk the past few weeks I'm almost level 80 on him. I've been very focused on power leveling so I haven't spent any time doing professions. I plan on doing mostly pvp at 90 on him and was wondering what professions would be good for bg's and arena that could also make me some decent money. I just started playing again about a month and a half ago and most of that time has been spent leveling my monk, I haven't played since the first month or so of cata so I'm still unaware of a lot of the changes that have been made to the game especially regarding professions. If anyone could help point me in the right direction that would be great!
I actually want to know too!

BS/ JC gives Epic Gems AND more Gem slots to put them in!

But Eng/ Alch sounds like so much fun but is it even viable?
anything but the gathering professions are ok.

The best, especially 5.2, will be JC/BS with the new resil gems available.

After that, tailoring/engineering are roughly equal.

Then alchemy/enchanting/leatherworking.
I have engineering and enchanting on mine. Enchanting is nice for enchants of course. Engineer is awesome for world pvp. If you plan to world pvp go engineering all day. There are tons of tinkers but the best one would be the glider. It is amazing for all those with the hardened shell that like to dismount mid air(including me lol).
JC/BS will be the best stat-wise.

I would probably go JC/Eng for good stat bonus + the fun factor of engineering.
It depends on your spec too...Such as Mistweavers, they might want to be tailors because of the awesome cloak enchant and easy best pant enchant. (Plus, if you do bother to PVE for dailies, you can make big bags eventually).

As for whatever else, I don't know! But for WW, Tailoring has an AP enchant too.

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