Couple questions about server

Hi all, I am looking to transfer my Priest (Shadow/Disc) to a server with a lot of active Horde pvpers. I am looking to PVP (2v2/3v3 arenas, maybe RBGs) mostly and maybe do challenge modes. I found this server on as the highest volume of horde players on EST on a PVP server.

That being said, how is the community? Are there any realm queues? Abundance of potential arena partners?
Depends on your rating, there's two active guilds that are lower rated (Ambien and Flip the Switch Gaming) and one active 2200+ guild (Top Bananas), Wholesome guys is also a good guild but I don't see too many of them online.
Im getting tired of seeing hows this server posts. There is a new one every week.
Maybe we should fire up a "State of the Server" post and nominate it for sticky? Just answer the ten really common questions? Update it every couple months as metrics change?
Thatd be perfect.
Okay, so.. thinking here, details to have in this thing...

-State of community (A/H)
---Metrics (ratio, character count, guild count, etc.)
-Availability of content (A/H)
---Arena teams
---Raiding guilds
-Server queue times
-Server time zone
-Brief server history(?)

What else would it need to have?
thats all itd need

Jk <3
Posted it - now the real challenge, trying to get it stuck up there!
We will just bump the hell out of it
I'm sorry if it's a repost. I'm sure every server gets these type of posts, but the search function is regrettably not very useful. My rating is pretty low right now obviously, but I have been behind the gear curve so it's tough to catch up. Also playing 10 games per week is less than ideal.

I have however played 2200+ in 2v2 and 3v3 and hope to get back up there next season. Seems like a helpful enough community so far. Thanks for the help all.

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