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I am fearless! I keep getting pseudo-lucky with my coin rolls. I won the two handed axe off of Sha, but here is my predictiment. I have a 517 upgraded Scimitar and a 510 off-hand. I don't have the valor to upgrade my Sha axe yet, and also I need to spend about 10k to gem out my Sha axe and I don't have the gold to do that right now. Meh, I'm sure it's better fro cleave fights but probably still inferior for single target.
Been trying to convince myself to start this course I have to do on statistics.
So much unwant.
So much.
A ret paladin in the PTR thread said that they needed to buff ret because it was bottom of the barrel DPS.

Has he seen arms? xD

"Arms is a spec, not a class"
"So is ret"
That said, we've apparently got sims for the new PTR changes, and it is looking pretty good. Between the IV buff for Arms, the Rend buff for Arms, and the reduced GCDs/MS cd, Arms strength scaling came up by about 50%, and is pretty much dead average, and its weapon damage scaling came up as well. With the two combined, it now has the above average strength scaling that is needed to offset the weak secondary scaling, so seems to be all right overall.

Still not sure if I like the rotation with the changes being made. We're hitting HS more than slam again, and the rotation is pretty cramped overall. The latest changes tacking yet more onto Overpower is annoying, and every Arms warrior I've seen is complaining about it, maybe we'll get lucky and see something changed.
02/12/2013 07:02 AMPosted by Secondwind

When I saw pages and PAGES filled with Ret paladin stuff I was like, "Jesus." And not just normal Jesus, I'm talking like Big Southern Black Woman Jesus.

But this is exactly how I feel every ret paladin is when they come the forums crying.

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