[A]16/16 5/6H 25 LF Range/melee dps for 5.2

Guild Recruitment
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Ordained - US Tichondrius is currently 4/6H 25 vaults. 6/6N 25 man Heart of Fear. 4/4N 25 man ToES.

Raid times (Central):

Tuesday 10:30p - 1:30p
Wednesday 10:30p - 1:30p
Sunday 10:30-1:30p

Ordained is a 25 Man progression guild on US-Tichondrius that has cleared all normal modes of the first tier of MOP as well as a handful of Heroics. We had a rough transition coming from DS to MOP being a full one night [7/7] H clear of DS. Recently we have shifted it to high gear and are downing 2-3 progression bosses in 25 Man every week. We plan to keep this momentum and translate it into heroic content.

We are recruiting the following classes / specs:

Healing classes *Full on holy paladins*
Resto shaman!
Elemental shaman

Please have a decent offspec for fights where we need you to heal if needed in a pinch.


Feral Druid
Enhancement shaman
Death Knight(Dmg)
Retribution Paladin

Although these are considered what we need now, we are accepting applicants whom we consider amazing. We usually do on the day replies and interviews for all applicants vocally in vent.

Loot Distribution:
We follow EPGP for our loot distribution.

We highly value the raid's time and effort, therefore, unannounced AFKs and constantly failing to mechanics is not tolerated. (5 minutes of one person's time is 120 minutes of rest of the 24 people's time.)We like to have fun, we enjoy playing with each other, and have a good sense of community.

What we expect from you:
Consistent raid attendance, know all fights, provide amazing performance 100% enchants, gems, reforge complete. Addons including DBM or Bigwigs. Ventrillo is a must.

We dock GP for failing at simple mechanics. (50 dkp minus!)

We are a parsed based guild. Don't expect to come in and be carried. If you don't perform at you should on your ilvl, we will bench you. We frequently have players that close to rank, if not rank most of the time.

We aren't interested in paying for your server/faction change.

Apply at :

Realid Contacts:
Sammy#1374 add me and we will talk in vent.
Up. Let me know if you add me so I can log on.
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we have cake, pie, and fruit punch
Come join the fun!
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