[A] <Benevolent> 11/16N Recruiting

Guild Name: Benevolent
Faction: Alliance
Progression: MV 6/6 HOF 5/6
Raid Times: Please see below
Raid Schedule: Please see below
Openings: All

We are Benevolent, a newly reformed casual guild with the potential for a more rigorous raiding schedule. We are an Alliance guild on Hyjal formed from a bunch of friends looking to hang out and enjoy the game together. We believe that life comes first and this is just a game after all but one that takes up most of your time! It’s okay to admit it, we’re all adults here. We are looking for more friends to join us!

Because of real-life issues with many of our key players, our numbers have dwindled. The core group that remains is interested in breathing life back into the guild by returning to the basics. We will assist recruits trying to gear-up by focusing on 5-man dungeons, heroics and LFR. We have our sights on returning to a consistent raiding status, but for the time being we will begin with a light schedule of 1 10 man raid a week once we have enough members and interest. We will hopefully extend the raid week 2 additional days- depending on interest and availability. Our current raid times have been starting around 6:00PM server time and concluding around 8:30PM server.

We will not be enforcing any kind of attendance patterns or specs. Enjoyment is the main reason for playing, so play the game the way you want to enjoy it. However, please be considerate of other people’s time and sacrifices. If you sign up to attend a guild event, please show up or post your absence on the MIA thread on the website as soon as possible. We understand in some cases this may not be possible but it’s nice to be considerate to the other members of the group.

At the moment we are in need of some laid-back, somewhat mature gamers, who are looking for somewhere that is stress-free and fun to call home. We are open to any players, of any level, on Hyjal, who want to enjoy a community where we are able to help each other and rag on each other in the spirit of fun!

Age is not a measure of maturity, but due to the content of some of our vent/guild chat discussions- we must say that you need to be at least 18yrs or older to join.

So, there we go, if you want to speak to one of the core players in the guild for some more info they are:

For more information, please visit edeneye.com/benevolent or email us at benevolenthyjal@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!
Bump for old times, best wishes and a hope that the people of this guild (and those that moved on) see better times soon.
I hope you're able to re-construct soon. :)

With love,
bumpity bump bump bumparoo.
Bump for some good people.
I love these guys!!
hey hey
Hi Maycee
I got a Holy Paladin and a Rogue friend. We are both looking for a guild. I actually raided with you guys back when it was the original, SSC days lol. I was in guild The Company, not sure where they went. Anyway if you have room for us we would be glad to join. We are both 640'ish i level. Hit us up:

I think Benevolent broke up a few years ago, someone just bumped a dead thread :(

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