Challenge modes.

I'm a solid restoration druid looking for a serious group to push golds in challenge modes. I've cleared normal raids with some heroics. If you're interested or capable just reply to this thread or drop me an in game mail.
Interested in Bronze, Silver, or Gold Challenge Mode runs? Check out the 'Cross Realm Challenge Mode Finder' thread over on the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios section of the Official WoW Forums.
I'd be willing to dps (warlock - Eleventoes) or tank (dk - Dorklol) preferring to dps.

I'll try and remember to send you a message in game.
Hey I'd be interested in going, I'm looking to get my last trinket from scholo and put my invis potions together..
I'm on pretty often send me a mail!
Alliance Combat Rogue 0/9G
looking for bronze/silver with the intention of pushing for all gold eventually

battletag: Brandon#1786

at the moment just looking fora group to play with. I'm available anytime Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Im available after 7pm Eastern standard time on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8pm Eastern Standard on Thursday. Im equipped with stat food, flasks, feasts, invis potions and can get whatever else we need. Willing to really dedicate some time into it. I've cleared most of firelands on heroic when it was the newest raid and i've progressed through the brawlers guild a good bit if that means anything. Thanks everyone for your consideration.
If you guys need a Blood DK, hit me up Insanebagel#1448.
Capable and enthusiastic Mage over here! Add me in-game and contact me. I should be on later this afternoon/early evening. Want to get all golds before the expansion ends, and ASAP.

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