Holy seals come 5.2?

Is there any word on any changes to Holy's seal system come 5.2? At the moment there is three seals, two of which are garbage for the spec leaving no choice at all. Why give a choice when it is mandatory to only use on seal. Why not have a seal to increase our damage from holy spells by X to help out with dailies or offensive spells can return mana or... well just something. I'm not proposing anything but it would be nice to have options more in line with the spec.

That's not a bad idea at all, wouldn't mind having seals that did different healing effects then just a boring "increases healing and spell haste" effect.
Bumping to keep interest.
Every pally spec is in a similar situation:

Prot: soi or gtfo
Ret: sot or gtfo

While prot and ret can use other seals, most of the time its pointless.

Seal system needs to be reworked all around.
Great point about the seals. Why give us the option when we just use 1 seal the entire time?
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This is true, but Protection and Retribution at least have options.
I don't have much experience with prot but they can use SoT if they need more threat for an aggro dump phase or if their out-geared by dps or etc, and they have SoR for aoe situations threat. With SoI for every other general purpose.
Retribution has SoT for general purpose with SoR on aoe pulls of 4 or more. Come 5.2 ret can use SoJ for more controlled burst and then SoI if their being train'd in pvp or with battle healer glyph for help with a heavy raid damage phases.
Holy, well holy just has SoI. It would be nice if holy could just get something.
Prot really doesn't have any choice but Insight. I mean, sure, you can use Truth or Righteousness, just like a DPS warrior can be in Defensive Stance--it's not really worth doing in most situations. Truth does pitiful damage for Prot (remember, it does 80% less damage for Prot than it does for the other specs).

Righteousness just does pitiful damage in general. Even as Ret you'll almost never want to use it. It doesn't become worth using until 6+ targets and that's pretty rare to see. The 5.2 buff may change that...we'll see. But even then, the seal is just set-and-forget. You'll either be in one or the other. Boss/smaller trash pulls? Never leave Truth. Big AoE pack? Never leave Righteousness. Justice is only meant to be used in PvP (and the stated intention is that PvP Ret is always in Justice).

Anyway, another healer basically already has the system you want: Holy priest Chakras. They have their single-target Chakra, their AoE Chakra, and their damage Chakra. You know what? They whine about it all the time. And it's not really surprising...why would you want to be forced to swap seals to perform as well as other healers perform all the time?
great idea, keep this thread alive.

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