Spirits of Harmony?

So, after a hiatus from the game (about a year) I'm a little lost...where is a good farm spot for these?

I was told I can grow them with the tillers but that is a long quest chain and it's gank city and I have suck gear. Holding my own is pretty hard.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated...I like to collect BS/JC patterns and this is ruining my day.

Random drop off of all Pandaria mods. Can also get from chests doing Golden Lotus dailies, containers from rare spawns, the rare-drop forager summoned pet returns with some often as well.

In the end, you can farm NPCs while also grinding rep for your Legendary, or you can grow them on your farm. The farm gives you a 100% guaranteed 1.6 Spirits of Harmony per 16 hrs for less than 30 minutes of work a day though.

The farm is phased - no one can gank you when you are in the farm area itself, and generally pvp isn't so bad that you cannot complete the dailies. You gain rep for harvesting your crops as well as the quests, you can get exalted in 2-3 weeks. Farm starts at 4 plots and can be expanded thru reputation to 16. Start your tillers dailies now because it is flat out the best way to go. You should be able to get 2-3 spirits worth by killing mobs doing your dailies for all the factions, too though.
I think he's talking about getting ganked while doing the dailies for the Tillers. That area is bad, and if on a PvP server, would be a nightmare.

If he's just talking about dealing with the mobs up there, then they aren't really that bad. Even with my crap quest drop gear I can solo every Tiller's daily by being sneaky. The only really hard ones are the two high-level mobs you occasionally have to fight, and to do those solo, simply wait until you see someone else going for them. When they fight, jump in and get a hit, and you get credit. It doesn't matter if they are Ali or Horde, you'll still get credit for the kill, and can loot. The rest of the quests up there are just a matter of moving carefully, and sometimes waiting until there are others around who already cleared an area, such as around the fire you have to use when doing the 20 Stew you have to cook.

If I had to do that area on a PvP server though...I'd rather stick a pencil in my eye. But that is why I'm not on a PvP server...LOL.
Best time to do the Tiller quests is in the morning before the gankers come out in force. Don't forget you get Tiller's rep for simpling harvesting your crops, so you level their rep really quickly.
First, leave the PVP server. As you can see, it is disruptive to doing anything.

The tillers' quest thing is very worth it; Its part of the game in MOP. When you are actually AT your farm, you don't get ganked. However, there is a lot of questing and possibly looking around for "gifts" in the zone (which would be very irritating on a pvp server.)

A lot of people have discovered just how little they like their PVP servers, since PVP actually happens with this expansion.

This is as good a reason to leave as any. Its about the only premium service I see as being worth it. I've never had to do it myself, since I figured out what WOW pvp was back in 2004, in the original beta of the original game.
So while i'm getting rep from the Tillers, are there any level 90 mobs I can go and kill to farm some motes? Or do they all have the same chance to drop motes. It seemed a lot of locations have been nerfed from the you tube videos i watched.
Pretty much any farming spot has been nerfed. Just do dailies and kill mobs. I get a few motes a day from those.
Yes, I was talking about getting ganked. I LOVE being on a pvp server...I can't even imagine being on a PVE server...it's just one of those things where you sometimes have to think outside the box.

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