[H] OoA recruiting (10M 2/16HM) Tu/Th/Su

Being the victim of a low-pop server, we've xferring here (it was a difficult decision... Dunemaul was our home). We've been raiding since vanilla, and plan on continuing for years to come.

We lost a couple of core members during the xfer (they were getting burnt out and this gave them an excuse :) ), and need to bolster our ranks. We're a commited grp, and several of us have become friends outside of WoW... have gone to Blizzcon together, etc. But at the end of the day, what we like most is to take a break from our jobs/kids/spouses and laugh, make fun of each other and kill !@#$!

We have dedicated tanks and heals, so are looking for some DPS. Most of us can fill multiple roles (through geared alts/specs), so we would hope that anyone new could do the same. We're looking for people that want a place to call home.

We're flexible, but here's what would be best: SPriest, Lock, DK/Rogue. Could do others but we need to balance the group and tokens.

I expect it to take a couple of months to bolster our ranks, as I know there's competition for competent raiders. Would be nice to have it solidfied by the time that 5.2 drops. In the meantime I'll be reaching out to friends/spamming trade as necessary. Raids are Tu/Th/Su @ 6:30PST.

If you are interested, you can check out our site at http://ooaguild.com, send me a note in game, or post here.

Looking forward to chatting with anyone interested!
We're officially xtransferred, and will be raiding tomorrow evening.
what kinda dps you looking for
Hey i applied on your site..msg me in game for gear check Comso#1207

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