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There are 16 bosses you have to clear on normal and then heroic, recruiting is hard enough since you changed your recruitment forums years back to be a giant clusterf* and to top it off, HOLIDAYS that maybe didn't matter when we were younger but now that we're not - we can't skip em anymore.

I'm pretty irate atm and just venting but I wish you'd give us more than TWO WEEKS notice sometimes. TWO WEEKS??? Used to give us a month or two. Thanks for nothing.

So basically your blaming Blizzard for a problem that you created for yourself?
02/11/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Manabar
If your guild has a bunch of people in the 470-480 ilvl range there's absolutely nothing wrong with still running the previous tier just because a new one is out.

Except for it being a complete waste of time you mean? Why run normals, or even heroic T14, when clearing 2-3 bosses in ToT gives us gear that's 522.

02/11/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Manabar
What Blizzard is doing, IMO, is moving things along at a faster pace so that when they are done releasing content before the next expansion, people will have much longer to go before they hit that "OMG IM SICK OF NO NEW CONTENT" wall.

Except it won't do any good, no more than rushing out TOC while the majority of guilds were still working on Ulduar helped with people clamouring for new content when ICC had been out for a year.
I'd rather get new content and accept the fact my guild doesnt have what it takes to clear a whole raid tier after 4-5 months given circumstances (hitting level 90/holidays), than be stuck with the same thing for another month or two.

I think some people need to understand they dont have what it takes/not in the right guild, if they want to clear a whole raid tier before the next one comes out. Perfectly fine with me, and Im sure others who dont really give a crap either since they're in touch with reality. Unless the new raid is ridiculously tuned for a huge majority of the raiding population still progressing as of right now.

There is nothing wrong with overlapping raid tiers. Not sure what the big fuss is, besides finding a balance between farming old content and progressing through new content. I think its about time we go back to that system.
Five months seems pretty fast for a 16-boss initial tier. Although my group will be fine, I think another month would be better for the average raider. (That said, I know lots of people at max level aren't raiders.)
The fact that content is coming out so soon is great, but the little boss testing for the new raid worries me.

Also, suggesting that people use the in-game guild recruitment tool to recruit... hilarious joke.
02/11/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Bashiok
Re: Recruitment, you may want to try using the in-game /guildfinder tool, as well as your realm forum. The [url=""]Raid and Guild Leadership forum[/url] is also a good place to seek advice on recruitment, and I'm sure some others here may also have recommendations on how to best focus your recruitment efforts.

OMG!!! A blue response directed towards recruitment. This must be a sign of the impending apocalypse.!!!

But seriously - Your guild recruitment forums suck. They are worse than suck (but I'll stop myself from ranting in four letter words).

What's wrong with them? They are completely unusable by anyone other than Heroic Progression oriented guilds. It's just a jumbled mess of everything together.

What do they need? Some level of freaking organization. I have thoughts on how to do it, but honestly, just hire some intern to figure out a system. It would be about a billion times better than it is.

Here's how I would do it (but again, I'd settle for ANY level of organization):

Top Level:
Horde Guild Recruitment
Alliance Guild Recruitment

Raiding Guilds
Roleplaying Guilds
Non-Raiding Activity Guilds

Subforum for Raiding Guilds:
Heroic Progression Oriented Guilds
Normal Mode Guilds
Other/Old-Content Guilds

My god, that took me like 5 minutes. Think of the Effort to Rewards ratio there!!! Your recruitment forums go from suck (and a bunch of four letter words) to OMG I could actually use this thing!!

Remember, guilds keep this game running - not just content. People buy for content, they sub for the people they are playing with.

All I can say is bring on new content!! This is fine by me!
02/11/2013 01:03 PMPosted by Clevspet
And really, what's the metric for releasing a patch? 20% of raids that have started this tier clearing it on normal? 50%? 90%?

2 weeks per boss is a reasonable time frame, maybe a little lower for the "zomg, so long" crowd who think LFR is equivalent to seeing it on heroic. We're barely hitting the 1 week per boss during a tier that had double gating beyond the standard week 1 normals, week 2 heroics. You can't even see Terrace until you clear normal HoF, which is incredibly frustrating when some of the bosses in there are easier than bosses in HoF (which goes back to the tuning mess this tier has been).
02/11/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Bashiok
It's definitely a balancing act between not enough content and too much, and it's not going to be the same player to player to player.

I hear ya. But since you guys have done the content-heavy-on-the-front-end thing for two expansions in a row, please consider pushing this one back just a bit and saving some for the end.
02/11/2013 01:08 PMPosted by Felein
All I can say is bring on new content!! This is fine by me!

You went to mogushan lfr 3 times never touching the 2 other raids....
02/11/2013 01:08 PMPosted by Boomerang
People buy for content, they sub for the people they are playing with.

I like this quote. Not bad.
02/11/2013 01:14 PMPosted by Tarree
All I can say is bring on new content!! This is fine by me!

You went to mogushan lfr 3 times never touching the 2 other raids....

There's a lot more content in 5.2 than just the raid. Also, I never assume the toon being posted on is someone's main (unless I see a lot of current progression).

There's a lot of non-raiders who are ready to move the story line along from the 5.1 Landfall patch.
There was a time in the game where most people couldn't even raid end game content because it was too hard for them. When Black Temple (t6) was released in Bc most people were still stuck in either t4 or t5 content.

With the Lfr most people I know are ready for the next patch to come out. Even if they haven't cleared all the current raid bosses on normal, they are getting bored.
I mean, my guild pushed really hard on the progression (and we lost time with christmas/thanksgiving) and just recently got H Sha. This seems a little quick on the draw, as much as I appreciate the content, but with the big holidays and the gating for 16 bosses this seems really short.
From a PvP standpoint in regards to gearing alts, 5.2 can't come fast enough.
Oh poo. Release it tomorrow. Who cares about some bent raider without the guts to post on his/her main. Let's all see how poorly your raiding has gone.

Rogues have waited since mop hit (with a big squish) for changes that will make our class playable again. I WANT IT TOMORROW!

edit: my launcher has already downloaded it....
If the feel the content is coming too fast, then don't do it right away. Stick with the 5.0/5.1 stuff, then move on when you feel you're ready.
02/11/2013 11:45 AMPosted by Bashiok
Re: Recruitment, you may want to try using the in-game /guildfinder tool,

Have you ever used this tool? Suggesting it is like suggesting to use the old raid finder to find raids. Without any ability to filter results or add in much more comprehensive guild information and raid schedules this tool is worse than useless.

Go check it out; you'll get a huge list of 150 bank alt guilds. Great idea; horribly executed.
We've had more than enough time to gear up and recruit people, even with holidays and such. Also post on your real account.

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