[A] Selling Enchanting 1-600 leveling kit

Just as the title says, I am selling a profession leveling kit for Enchanting from 1-600 alliance side, if a horde wants to buy it they can but they'll be responsible for getting their gold over to alliance and getting all the mats back over to horde.

All kits are based on info from here: http://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow-enchanting-guide.html I have leveled a few professions from this website and has always worked fine.

All I have right now is enchanting, I don't really plan on doing other professions but if there is enough interest I may do a few in the future. Leave a post here if you have interest in buying a different profession.

Price I am asking is 8,000 gold, but may change in either direction based the demand for this kit.

As for how we will do this I'm basically just 'borrowing' the idea of a priest who posted doing the same in the past:

"The transfer will take place through the guild bank method; you'll join my banking guild on an alt/your leveling character, and once the money is deposited there, you'll have full access to your tabs with the mats. Typically I will babysit you through the process once you have all the mats to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you're leveling your profession! If something is missing, I'll fill it in ASAP for you.

There will be a contract process that will occur in party chat. Once both parties have stated the full terms, a screenshot will be taken (so that nothing bad happens!), and then the process will begin!"

Contact me in game if you are interested or have any questions Trashedd#1326 (leave a note about the enchanting kit when you add me won't be accepting random blank requests) or post here I will be coming back to check it.
I'm going to go ahead and bump this above w/e all that stuff is on the forums
Too bad you dont have an engineering one!!
Bump for price edit apparently my price was absurd >.> my apologies based it off Cata kit prices I saw but had no idea why they were so expensive since I never played in Cata.
I NEED ONLY THE RECIPES PLS!! i will pay 3k 4 all of them 1-600 enchant

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