For RBG is there a race that is preferale?

or end game does it all kinda wash out. In the end I know stats do not really matter. I guess I am referring to racials. Do the racials really matter in RBG for prot warriors?
Is there a race that is preferable for warriors on the horde side? I know stats even out in the end for all races, but do racial traits still matter endgame RBG? I am making a tank PVP warrior and am curious which races would work for my playstyle, or what the benefits are for each racial in RBGs.
Go orc if you are going to rbg flag carry. Cause the stun duration+meta is the best thing you can get horde side.
Tbh go with whatever you want if your sole job is FC.

An argument could be made for any race in terms of viability, each of them have their benefits depending on the situation.

All that matters is you know what your doing =P warriors have enough of a tool set that make racials the last thing you should be thinking about, or be concerned with.
goblin warrior
orc is the master race we all know that
It's a brotherhood! Dorf and gnome very close 2nd!! Farq human.
Dwarf for the 10% Damage reduction/ certain dot removals.

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