arms or fury

which is better in your opinion?

So far? just tried fury? i hate it >.>
I hate fury as well, however, I have got more used to it. The dps increase is nice. Next patch you may have to go Fury - we'll see.
Taking a look at your gear, it's no wonder you hate Fury.

Seriously? An agility trinket with a haste proc?

Buy a Dragonling trinket and put a crit, mastery and hit cog in there if you can't get a better one through dungeons . . .
yes i have an agi trink. It was better by far than the green i had. And I do 50k dps with my "crap gear" as arms. Fury...dont crack 17k
Crap gear thats an insult to other crap gear. Everyone says stay arms until you get 20% crit. What are you trying to do pve or pvp?
Fury is going to net you very low results until you get the gear, reforge and gem correctly. I'm surprised you pulled 17k. Once you get everything in order you will definately pull way better dps. Take that from someone who hates fury, I switched cause the dps was better and the raid team needed better dps. If I could have stayed arms I would have.
50k dps on trash isnt 50k dps , i cant imagine you get anywhere close to 50k with that gear as arms. If you cant get over 17k as fury it is probably a l2p issue seeing as you havent used that spec before. I choose fury not matter how much crit i have because arms is one of the most boring rotations in the game and the moves are bland, also waiting so long for each swing makes me feel like im playing a cripple.
actually 50k dps is single target in raid finder. So no, not trash. And its hardly a learn to play issue. Been playing this warrior since classic. I know my class very well.

Maybe my dislike of fury is that I find wild strike a very boring attack. Its offhand, not mainhand or both together. And having an entire rotation around getting your weak off hand to hit three or four times in a row is rather....lame.
I've been playing since vanilla - I'm sure you have seen all the changes from vanilla until now. Arms is not holding up well in raids this expansion but fury is. It's not a question of whether I like it or not, it's a question of, "How am I going to benefit my raid team the best."

I lost, I can't play arms and say that I did the best I could as a player trying to benefit the team. At first, fury was low dps and I had the hit, exp and crit. After I learned the rotation and the little tricks (like Heroic Leap during CSmash phase as one of the many examples), my dps picked up immensely. When you can walk up to any boss and put out 2-3 million damage in the first three to five hits, you'll understand. The damage sustains better over the course of the fight as well (like arms, it does spike down but not nearly as bad as arms). In the execute phase, if you are SMF, you will be executing for a lot higher quite a bit more often (another one of fury tricks, switch to zerk stance during execute phase).

Really, none of this matters. You asked us what was better and we have explained and you don't seem to like what we are telling you - why ask the question if you are going to counter our answers?

I think the question you should have asked is, "Which is easier, me playing arms or you trying to convince me not to play arms?"
My personal opinion is both rotations suck atm.
Arms doesn't require much besides a decent weapon and enough patience to sit through the boring rotation. I won't do as well as Fury, but it should do high enough to warrant using it unless you are progressing on raid bosses for the first time, where every bit of dps helps.
Fury on the other hand is very crit dependent, so if you don't have enough crit, you are likely to have a waiting game with your rotation, and your dps will reflect the lack of crits through bad dps and poor Enrage uptime. When you get decently geared, it is capable of more than arms.

So, really it depends on your situation and what you intend to do.
this is annoying because everyone is arms ...
1st get hit/exp capped... 7.5% on both.
2nd, can't say what hasn't been said, until you get enough crit to support fury, it's going to suck.
I'm fury and I love it. You need to cap hit/exp to 7.5 each. then get crit as high as possible. 18%+. Fury requires gear and some skill in order to have good dps. I doubt you have 50k DPS single target. Maybe when you use Recklessness and all? I have anywhere from 60-70k DPS sing target; I'm usually close to the top of the charts in LFR unless there are 5 arcane mages. Reforge to hit/exp 7.5% > Crit > Mastery > Haste.... Haste might be better than Mastery in 5.2 not sure. Waiting to see.
I don't have the best gear either, but I went fury this weekend and the dps boost was nice. Still getting used to rotation and stuff.
I've been leveling up as Fury and so far it's fun. The rotation isn't as faceroll as other melee but once you get the basics its pretty forgiving.
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The reason you can't do anything with fury is that you have a 1.8% hit and a 2.2% exp. Fury requires that you actually hit with your attacks to do any damage, If you aren't generating rage you aren't going to get anywhere.

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