What Hogwarts House would fit your character?

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Kigithia would be in Slytherin. Cunning, scheming, a drive to prove herself to be 'just as good' as anyone else, and is prone to planning her actions.

How 'bout your characters, MG?

Just a fun little topic.
Melyria would burn the school down.

Filthy magic users.
02/10/2013 08:43 AMPosted by Kigithia
Gryfinndor. That's for the not-so-cunning !@#$%^-s, right? Hufflepuff is too nice, Ravenclaw's too smart.
The Sorting Hat always had a hard time placing this mage on either house of the same coin.
I'm Hufflepuff.
Ceri would be Gryffindor. Mendzar would be hanging out with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest.
None, I'm muggle damnit.
Griffindor or Hufflepuff.
Ravenclaw or Slytherin
Grig would go to Durmstrang.
Bellsa would be in Gryffindor, leaping into situations without think with a sense of right and wrong that is keen as a blade, but Letcha would absolutely be in Hufflepuff. She's kinda dumb and loves plants, so she'd fit right in.
I don't even know
Gingers are automatically placed in Gryffindor.
<_< What do you mean what house would I be in. I'd have graduated already.
Things to keep in mind when it comes to the Sorting Hat:

It tends to place students based on qualities that have not quite developed yet, potential qualities, so to speak. (See: Neville being in Gryffindor - Neville didn't display leadership and bravery until he learned to believe in himself, which took QUITE a while!)

It also tends to place on what people idealize, which is how Pettigrew wound up in Gryffindor as well. And of course, it also sorts on the wizard's wishes, which is how Harry wound up in Gryffindor and not in Slytherin, despite Harry having many Slytherin traits.


Aneatria would be sorted into Ravenclaw, her sister Anachiel is a Slytherin.
My Human, Bethelene, is definitely Gryffindor.

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