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one what's a good profession to have , i have mining but now i can't mine anywhere i quest , i took enchanting but i can't use it on anything i collect. i need gold for the level 70 ridding and im not making much of it right now. can you purchase gold with real money?

also i feel lost im not sure were to go quest , most of the places i know of are done , i don't know were to go and obviously at my level i need a higher place , no idea were to go. help please lol
You can buy gold, but it violates the Terms of Service and shouldn't be done. That gold's usually from stolen accounts anyway.

To get your Mining caught up, you'll need to go back to Azeroth and run around the lower level zones a while. Sell all of the ores in the AH, and you'll start making extra gold, but the Artisan and Master flight training aren't necessary for anything, they're just nice to have. These routes should get you caught up quickly:

Enchanting works well with Tailoring, since it uses cloth drops for items rather than another gathered mat, so it's easier to make a lot of items to DE. If making gold is your priority now, drop Enchanting and pick up Skinning or Herbalism, get it caught up along with Mining, and sell that stuff too.

I'm not sure if there'll be a breadcrumb quest on the Hero's Call boards at 67, but you could go to Shattrath and find the Haggard War Veterans scattered around, they'll start a short quest chain to align with either Aldor or Scryers (neither matters much now, but you can check their quartermasters inside the banks to see if there's anything you want), and after that you can be sent out to Netherstorm. Or just keep running dungeons until you ding 68, and the Call boards should send you to Northrend.

Another option is to visit Zerid in Nagrand (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=18276), and do a few quests out there, one of which is Oshu'gun Relic to replace that windmill trinket with something more useful. Watch for upgrades to the head gear and Agility ring too.

Oh, and if you can find some Brilliant Bloodstone for the gear with sockets (or better yet, the Perfect cuts), it'll help them last a good long ways into Northrend.
Thank you for all the info

but don't you need level 70 for a good flying mount?
Go to -> http://www.wowwiki.com/Zones_by_level <- to know where to go for leveling, but I dont think I can help you with the professions thing. I'm kind of a beginner myself.
FWIW Wowpedia.org is a more reliable wiki site now.

02/10/2013 03:22 PMPosted by Greatyoda
but don't you need level 70 for a good flying mount?

Artisan Flying is required to get certain mounts like drakes and the fancier gryphons for the first time, but all it really does otherwise is increase the possible flying speed. The basic flight training (Expert), Cold Weather Flying for Northrend, the Flight Master's License for Azeroth, and a mount that can fly are all you really need. The rest is just a luxury to work towards. Yes it's nice, but nothing important will be inaccessible without it. Having said that though, IIRC you can get tabard rep again in the Wrath dungeons (Utgarde Keep et al), so if you wear the SW tabard and get the rep up to Exalted, the price at the SW flight trainer will only be 4k.

And don't knock yourself out trying to get Master level by 80 btw -- the speed increase is noticeable with Artisan level, but not so much with Master, it can definitely wait until you have the gold to toss around.

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