lovely charm bracelet

i dont understand this quest at all. it dosent tell u anything about were u find charms and im so confused please help!
Everything you need to know!

There's a bracelet kit you should be able to pick up from one of the vendors for the event, and simply having that in your inventory will make it so that killing a mob (or maybe player, I'm not sure) that's high enough level to not be gray to you will have a chance to drop a lovely charm in your bag.

If you're questing normally, the things will pile up before you even know it. Just be aware that they stack to 40 before starting a new stack, so if you're stockpiling charms for bracelets over the course of the event, it's more bagspace-conscious to keep them as stacks of charms rather than bracelets that don't stack.

Additionally, the completed bracelets count as having a limited duration, so they can't be mailed to other characters despite not being soulbound. If you're going to give it to someone, you have to trade with them in person.

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