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So i am a pretty new RPer, i have RPed on the forums before. I would like to make the shift to in game RP. I am looking for a night elf guild or any sort of alliance guild. I am not the greatest speller but would really like to start. Thank you for taking the time to read.
A few tips to help you out.
  • Spellcheck with google chrome, or use a spellcheck mod on firefox for your forum posts.
  • Mispelled addon for in-game typo highlighting and correction. It does have a library to add new words to if you wish to add names you run across to the dictionary.
  • As for direction for guilds, check the guild sticky to find guilds that might best suit your playstyle, there are tons of different ones to choose from, and yes the thread is up to date. Fair warning though: Most of the good guilds use a combination of applications on their individual websites, and in-game interviews to determine if you are suited for their guild criteria.

    Last but not least, grab a few more levels - if you can get to twenty, most guilds will give you a chance to start out.
    Moonblade offers help to starter RPers, including lore and idea sources. We're Night Elf only, with a traditional Night Elf focus. Spelling and grammar are things we look for but we're not too harsh on it. I'm sure if you send in an application we'll be able to see about giving you an IC interview.

    You can find our website here: http://moonblade.shivtr.com/
    Other Nelfish guilds you may want to check out:

    Sizable and established <Lineage of the Moon>
    contacts: Anamaleth, Mavei

    The brand new <Nordrassil Accord> (also takes Worgen)
    contact: Galondel

    Largest Nelf-themed guild on MG <Will of Elune>
    contact: Tzipara

    <Order of Malorne> with focus on Kaldorei and druid lore
    contact: Mydoriel

    Yeah. One of these days I need to save a better version of this list.


    You may also be able to find a guild through the channel /nelfchat. It is all about Night Elves.

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