OS x 10.6 not useable next patch?

Mac Technical Support
You can, but it will be supported for a limited time. Technically Mist of Pandaria system requirements are OS X 10.7 and above. This is similar to what StarCraft II is going through. We hope to have some additional details soon about this.
MoP came out on 9/12. Lion came out on 7/11. So MoP technically doesn't support an OS that was out-of-date by a 14 months?

Usage reports referenced here:
say that Snow Leopard has more net traffic than Lion. Obviously I don't know what Blizzard's usage stats are, but I'd imagine they're not all that different.

Blizzard's stated policy on the Mac is to support the current and previous major OS versions. But given that Apple is moving towards a 1 year development cycle, I think that's too restrictive.
Hey Dejathoris,

I'll be happy to provide that information up to the right people. If this changes, we'll provide an update. Our teams do take in all factors, including usage stats when making decisions like this.

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