How to tell the faction of a posting Panda?

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I'm just curious because sometimes I will see Pandarens posting about their guild needing more members or that they are wanting to join a guild. I don't see anything that states whether they are horde or alliance on their post and I've clicked on their pics and I still can't tell unless they are already in a guild and I can see the other members.

Is there some way that Pandarens are marked by faction that I'm not noticing?

*And yes, the hat is bad for a hunter but I won it in a greed roll and it's the only hat I own - and it's UGLY to boot.
Green background is neutral, hasn't chosen a side, Blue is Alliance and Red is Horde.
That says it all. Thanks! I never even noticed the backgrounds until now.
Yep, blue background is alliance and red is horde.

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