[Engineering] A few questions

Is there an updated list of the "must have" engineering toys? I found some outdated lists, and going through wowhead's huge list of schematics is kind of overwhelming. I do have Jeeves, Mole-E, Wormhole: Northrend, I'll be getting the mechano-hog, bling-tron, and Wormhole: Pandaria.

What's the lesser-known fun engineering toys? Also, a quick question on loot-a-rang: Can I simply right click a dead mob from a distance to loot, or do I need to utilize loot-a-rang like an ability? (i.e. press a hotkey)
The goblin glider is another gem at max level.

It depends on what you consider fun. For example, a lot of the Gnomish toys like the shrink ray or the mind control cap are fun to use on lowbies or whilst levelling. It's hilarious to shrink bosses who act particularly epic.

There's also the discombobulator ray, which turns victims under level 60 into a leper gnome, but it only has 5 charges.

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