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Hey y'all.

Trying to fix what I feel is wrong with my damage. I've read guides, not specifically ones on the forums, and glyphed/enchanted/gemmed/reforged to how I feel should be done. Am currently trying to pool rage better so can drop it all during CS and such, but I feel I'm having a problem with damage.

Maybe I'm at where I'm supposed to be, but I'm doubting it.

Recently I noticed I gained 29% of my damage done on Elegon was strictly melee damage - was highest portion of damage done. RB came in at a second with like 23%. Thus the reason for me creating this thread because as far as I'm aware, RB should be top damage and the large difference between the two worried me. (My very best executes only hit for about 600-700k)

Overall DPS for fights vary depending on the encounter of course. However, I'm pulling roughly (number pulled from top of my head not actual recount) 60-75k. This is not taking into consideration fights like Garalon, Elegon, or Gara'jal. I'm not pulling last place dps in my guild, but I'd like to do better, and I just feel I'm not pulling maximal dps for my gear set.

Hoping y'all might be able to take a look at me and tell me where I should be, what I can fix, etc.

Thanks guys.
Was reck up and were you enraged for execute phase? It's impossible to tell what you're doing without actually seeing a log or something. Did you pot? I see you just got some new gear and are missing enchants so that probably has nothing to do with it.
I'll see if I can't get a log or something up. I always pot in lust phase, and yes, reck is up and am usually enraged - at 20% or whenever lust is popped will blow all cds - Mog Pot, Recklessness, Berzerk Rage, Bloodbath, etc etc.

Just got pants out of raid last night so haven't gemmed them yet - thought about putting this up post raid last night. Only enchant I should be missing is Str to bracers. Kinda trying to put off getting it until I get a legit pve set and not rocking the mal ones.
Need to have skull banner and colossus smash up too. Makes a lot of difference. And it really depends on how many elegon stacks you have. Also you're tg. Smf does more execute Dmg.
For starters delete recount and download Skada and go from there.
Recount uses a linear meter which doesnt account for the down time in your DPS. (i.e. Your globals, time dedicated to mechanics, and time spent not attacking doesnt properly add into the equation. Don't ask cause I have no idea why.)
Skada on the other hand accounts for all this and is a much more reliable meter.
The difference between to two can be little to nothing on one fight and a big margin on another, but all of my raids Skada meters were damn near exactly the same everytime, where as the people using recount would come up with different numbers every time.

This may not be a solution to your question, but it will help you know when you have it answered :)

You can give that a try its not a bad addon to help with your rotation.
02/11/2013 01:24 PMPosted by Awe
Need to have skull banner and colossus smash up too. Makes a lot of difference. And it really depends on how many elegon stacks you have. Also you're tg. Smf does more execute Dmg.

This entirely. Elegon at 10-12 stacks plus all CDs is ridiculous execute damage. I got like 4-5 for 2.3+ mil in a row on our last kill.

As for your overall damage just try to save up one RB and some rage going into CS and hopefully proc another and use BR for the third. And don't worry too much about the exact breakdown of damage, it'll change fight to fight.

Try to bump up your hit and exp to 7.5% and make sure you have the 5% crit buff in raids.

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