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First i would like to say i JUST got the game like 2 hours ago, i'm level 5 and a blood elf warlock.
Now i have a few questions because i've been trying and can't seem to know what to do.

How to i get more offensive attacks? i only have 2 and i have a bow, but cant use it. Also, how do i use my staff?

Second, what should my 2 first professions be?

You will get more abilities as you level up. Level 10 is your first big milestone, where you will get to choose a specialization for your character, basically a type of gameplay style. When you do that you will get access to a lot more skills. Your spellbook should tell you what abilities you will get and at what levels. I'm not sure if it does that before you pick a spec though.

Different classes use different types of weapons in World of Warcraft. Bows are only used by hunters. Warlocks prefer using a staff or a 1 handed weapon and offhand that give them intellect. Once you get a bit higher you will start to see items with stats on them, and you'll be wanting to go after all the intellect stuff. If you want to see what weapons your class can use, head to your spellbook and look in the general tab. As a warlock you won't be hitting stuff much your weapon, your focus will be to use your spells. However, if you want to smack things walk up them and right click on them. There should also be an attack button in the general tab of your spellbook.

We usually recommend new players pick 2 gathering professions such as herbalism/skinning/mining in order to start making some gold.

Welcome to World of Warcraft! I hope you're having fun and if you have any other questions or need more information please feel free to reply back.
Welcome to Azeroth /wave

You'll gain more spells and abilities automatically as you level up, and once you reach level 10 you can choose a Talent Spec that'll include extra abilities. For warlocks your choices are Demonology (focuses on working with your minions), Affliction (focuses on more Damage over Time (DoT) combat), and Destruction (focuses more on big badda-booms), and each will have LOTS of buttons to push by the time you reach level cap.

Right now only the Hunter class can use bows, so all you can do is sell it to a vendor. Sometimes you might find one that has extra stats on it like Agility, and in that case you can try selling it in the Auction House (AH) in case another player might want it. And all you do with your staff is equip it, although if something gets too close to you you'll probably bonk it on the head automatically -- later you'll start to find weapons that have Intellect and other useful stats on them, and that'll be the only reason to equip them. For casters, staves and other held weapons are considered "stat sticks."

You can choose any professions you want, but if you plan to craft things with one, it's helpful to pick up the matching gathering professions; for instance, Herbalism provides the herbs needed for Alchemy. Tailoring and Enchanting pair well, since you use the cloth found as drops to make items, then disenchant them for the materials (mats) used for leveling Enchanting. However, for brand new characters it can be very beneficial to take two of the gathering professions (Herbalism, Mining, Skinning), and sell everything you gather in the AH. That way you can build up some gold to use for mounts and training, bags, funding alts, and leveling a crafting profession.

You can learn all of the secondary professions (Cooking, First Aid, Fishing, Archaeology), but the first three have more direct benefits, Arch is more for fun and occasionally finding something useful. Cooking's good because later in the game you can make foods that provide buffs, and First Aid can be handy for a quick heal now and then, although many have noticed it's less necessary these days.
the most useful professions for you could be either tailoring and enchanting, or herbalism and inscription. thats just my opinion though.

Secondly, Warlocks only use swords, daggers, and staves for fighting, but they HONESTLY shouldnt be in melee range to use them. Warlocks fight at range, with spells like Shadow Bolt, Corruption, and Soul Fire.

Also, when looking for a weapon, look for the items with the most Intellect and Stamina. they are the primary attributes for warlocks.
Okay, well then how to i change my professions? i'm currently an engineer and miner cause they looked fun and i was inexperienced.
02/10/2013 11:22 AMPosted by Irondonut
Okay, well then how to i change my professions? i'm currently an engineer and miner cause they looked fun and i was inexperienced.

Well miners do compliment engineers. Mining allows you to gather for engineering so it can help you level it. It's completely up to you if you want to stick to it.

Like I said we usually recommend the gathering ones just for making a good amount of gold. If you're more interested in that then you can cancel a profession by going to your skills tab. There should be a little red button near the profession where you can cancel it.
Open the Professions tab (K) and click the red "Unlearn" icon next to the profession you want to get rid of.

You can most certainly keep those professions though if you want, it's entirely up to you -- Engineering isn't as profitable as others, but it's definitely a lot of fun (and we get groovy mounts and goggles), and you'll still be finding lots of extra ores and gems to sell in the AH, plus sometimes the smelted bars sell better than ores, and people buy the stones now and then too.

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