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Who are we?

Iron Hawk Company is the most recent addition to The Alliance’s assets in both war and peace. Iron Hawk is a special-operations company which combines the Ninth SEAL Company and the remnants of The Elusive (under the supervision of SI:7) into one single company with two sections; The SEAL Company and the Intelligence Branch.

The purpose of the Iron Hawk Company is to be a strong and swift unit, capable of fighting threats to The Alliance, internal and external along as preparing to counter any and all threats coming from the Horde.

What can you expect of us?

Our guild seeks to provide a solid unique concept of SEAL-based and Secret Services inspired Roleplay. We seek to immerse our members not only our frequent events with interactive open-ended plots tied together in a cohesive storyline but also our reward system.

Not to forget mentioning the passionate and dedicated leaders who’s experience with different RP concepts and capability of putting reason before ego gives our guild the will to co-operate with other guilds and allow them to enter our plots (and vice versa), be they Horde or Alliance; there are always plenty of parts to play for all of us.

We’ll also keep a true log on all of our guild activities and write reports concerning the events that we’ll hold as to keep the RP alive in written form of a chronicle.

Last but not least, we thought that due to limited resources and to be the most recent addition to the Alliance’s lines of defense. There will be monthly evaluations performed by a specific alliance affiliated guild to determine if it’s worthwhile to continue to support the Iron Hawks.

All in all, adding to the immersive RP experience.


The Company’s existence is the result of previous events where one man, Antiles Jonathan Hawk suffered from a split personality and developed a weapon; The Abyssal Z9 Gas which some compare despicable to the Blight.

The War Criminal was hunted throughout Azeroth until he met his end on Pandaria by the hands of Alliance. However, before the end; Antiles Jonathan Hawk made a selfless act to defeat his counterpart personality; The Obsidian Baron which gave the opening necessary for the final blow.

Impressed and Inspired, Torydaes ( Oneshothot ) of the SI:7 discovered the original intentions of The Elusive as he lead the investigation.

In his report, he explained the reasoning of The Elusive and saw its benefits and dangers. To conclude the report, he recommended creating the Iron Hawk Company as to not only honor the sacrifice but to prepare to counter the schemes of internal and external threats of the Horde.

The recommendation was taken into consideration but in the end, the creation of the Company was approved, having the Ninth Seal Company transferred to become the military detachment within the Company.

What is the SEAL Company?

The 9th Seal Company is a Special Forces detachment of The Alliance Military, one of the numerous companies of its type in the military. Standing for Stormwind Elite Aquatic and Land, SEAL companies specialize in advanced battle techniques both on-land and in aquatic environments. SEAL companies are called upon the most important strikes and escorts.

What is the Intelligence Branch?

The Elusive was once a covert renegade organization. However, nowadays they’re the inner circle of the Intelligence branch within Iron Hawk Company under the supervision of Stormwind Intelligence. However, knowledge of what remains of The Elusive in the new company is on a need-to-know basis in accordance to The Alliance Military and Stormwind Intelligence.

The Intelligence branch itself is responsible for the gathering of sensitive knowledge and information along progression with the development of Experimental Warfare. They’re the masters of Espionage and Reconnaissance. With its leadership, it’s a ruthless environment for friend and foe alike.


What is our goal with this guild? The answers are forked when it comes to long term and short term goals for either of the sections.

Our primary long term goal is to provide an immersive RP experience and make this guild worthy of being an Alliance Special Forces guild.

The secondary long term goal is to provide a cohesive storyline which gives room for guild members to become a part of something bigger than one person.

Last on the list is the ability to participate in RP-PvP and abiding the rules set by the organizer for each event.

When it comes to short term goals; it will definitive differ and change over time within the guild. However, to avoid confusion; we’ll use the guild message of the day to keep our members up to speed in regards to that.
Reward System

To be as immersive as possible, we want our members to feel appreciated and welcome through our reward system which consists of Medals and Commendations among other things, other being the progression within the guild throughout the ranks.

In-game Hierarchy

The Guild leader

This rank isn’t obtainable.

• Recruitment.
• Event organizing (storyline event included).
• Enforcement of Guild Rules and Regulations.
• Reinforcing inter guild relations.
• Safeguarding the Guild Bank.
• Improve guild-to-guild relations.
• Maintain the guild’s IC communications.


The Guild Officers are the Guild Leaders’ trusted hands who’re purposed to assist the Guild Leaders in their menial tasks such as Recruiting and organizing events.

• Reaching Specialist within the in-game hierarchy.
• Committed and activity to the best of your ability.

• Recruitment.
• Event organizing (storyline event discluded).
• Enforcement of Guild Rules and Regulations.
• Reinforcing inter guild relations.
• Maintain the guild’s IC communications.


Those who’re deemed qualified to be called proper Special Forces personal.

• Attendancy to atleast six drills or course events.
• Minimum membership period; One month.
• Attendancy to a storyline event.
• Passing of the final trial.

• Character Roleplay Activity
• Look after fellow members.


This rank is for those who’ve advanced within their education to qualify to be called Special Forces personnel.

• Attendancy to atleast three drill or course event.
• Minimum membership period; One week.

• Character Roleplay Activity
• Look after fellow members.


This is the entry rank. You’ll start here and nowhere else.

• Character Roleplay Activity
• Look after fellow members.

In Character Ranks

Intelligence ranks

Director (Leader) - Handpicked by the SI:7 to oversee the Intelligence activities and make sure that the despicable war crimes never happen again. There can only be one Director at any given time.

Supervisor (Officer) - Handpicked operatives by either the Director or SI:7 to ensure proper protocols are followed among operatives and trainees along finding potential candidates for the intelligence branch.

Operative (Specialist) - Fully trained Field Agents who's primary duty is to provide results in their assignments and operations. Secondary duty is to watch over and guide the trainees in the task to achieve the operative status.

Intern (Regular) - Trainees who've progressed in their education and training far enough to be deemed fit to carry out assignments and operations under an Operative’s guidance.

Trainee (Candidate) - Those who've recently started their education and training to become proper field agents.

SEAL ranks

Knight-Captain (Leader) - The leader of the military company which makes up part of the Iron Hawk Company. There can only be one Knight-Captain at any given time.

Knight-Lieutenant (Officer) - The assistants of the Knight-Captain and the leader of each individual sub-section of the company. There can be up to three Knight-Lieutenants at a time, but the actual number is restricted by the number of members further down the chain of command.

Sergeant (Specialist) - The main operational rank in the company, since it is expected that operating members be of this quality. An average team in the company consists of four sergeants or higher, with the leader of the team being referred to as a Master Sergeant.

Corporal (Regular) - The rank at which operatives are not fully recognized as SEAL marines, but are well into training (and in some cases active duty) on their way to being a fully-fledged member.

Private (Candidate) - The entry rank in the company. Privates are quickly pushed on, after initial testing, into special forces training to later become full members of the company.

Threat Response Protocol

Iron Hawk Company’s alertness levels towards internal or external threats depending on threat evaluation reports which are produced out of investigation results. At higher alertness levels, recruitment restrictions increases and so does promotion restrictions.
Call Alpha
Often occurs during peace time, all personnel are requested to be at ease and may resign without consequences. However, operations and assignments during this time are rare and recruitment restrictions are set to normal.

Call Beta
Often occurs when a minor threat is discovered or when a major threat has been dealt with, all personnel are requested to be at the ready and may resign but will be under observation. Operations and Assignments during this time are common but not to regular. Recruitment however is a bit stricter than previous to make sure no infiltrators get into the ranks or the wrong kind of people.

Call Gamma
Often occurs when a war is imminent, all personnel are requested to be alert. Assignments and Operations are more regular but with higher stakes as the Company prepares for a war. Those who resign will be put under observation.

Call Delta
Often occurs when a war has broken out. All personnel are request to be on high alert and ready for operations and assignments with higher stakes than previous. Those who resign will be put under observation.

Call Omega
Worst case scenario, authorization of questionable methods and desperate measures are granted as to prevail. The personnel’s loyalty is put to test along requested to be on high alert. The recruitment process is next to none.

Rules and Regulations

• Treat fellow members with dignity and respect
• Don’t confuse OOC with IC (no Meta-gaming).
• Avoid drama with other guilds or individuals
• The consequences for leaving the guild are IC reactions, not OOC!
• The Guild is just an addition to your life, not a replacement; Real Life still takes priority!
• No discussions in regards to religion and race.
• You may skip guild events for the sake of Real Life, not raids, arenas, or RBGs.
• Never judge a player depending on a Guild name or what others have told you, make up your own mind by interacting with them.
• A member who doesn’t make an effort with activity or participation of guild events within a month will receive a guild kick.

Our IC requirements are
• Physically fit
• Mentally Fit
• Intelligent
• Adult above the age of twenty

Our OOC requirements are
• Atleast level 40 with the applying character (70 for Death Knights).
• A Mature and acceptable behavior.
• Capability to follow instructions.

Main Area of Operations
Operates all over Azeroth from Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjords.
DISCLAIMER: We don't claim to own Westguard Keep, only using it as Headquarters and staging ground for our operations.

Recruiting Officers
Oneshothot ( Leader )
Yuhn ( SEAL Officer )
(( Would love for more interest to appear. Please help. ))
Not gonna lie, that sounds pretty awesome. Would love to see this come to fruition.
Sent you mail regarding my alliance alt, this is a great idea.
Wow. Do this!
(( The guild is now up and running! Please refer to the Recruiting Officers if you are thinking of joining. ))
(( We're looking for dedicated memebers who would like to help the guild's rp storyline and pvp oriented parts. If you're interested, send in-game mail or message me while I'm online. Thanks guys. ))
(( It doesn't seem many people are interested, so this guild might be disbanded. ))
"A good general not only sees the way to victory; he also knows when victory is impossible."


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