Seeking Grim Sabatons

Wyrmrest Accord
I'm still looking for a pair of Grim Sabatons. There was one seen the Horde AH very recently so I'm hoping the auction simply expired and wasn't purchased.
I'm also looking for Grim Sabatons, which drop from a rare (Doomsayer Jurim) in Terokkar Forest. As I don't feel like camping him for the one out of four chance.
Morning bump. Still seeking the boots & a blacksmith.

Alliance side, don't be shy.
The elusive blacksmith has not yet been found.
Blacksmiths sure are lazy on WrA these days.
*An elusive Blacksmith appears from the shadows!*

Ahoy! I can make those for you.
Thanks, Dargaroth, now I just need to catch you online at some point XD
Bump for boots.
Stiiiiiilllllll haven't found these.
Wait a minute. Isn't Muir a Warlock?

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