[H] Reckless in need of raiders

Hello, Reckless is a guild that's been around since the TBC days and is now looking for raiders to keep raiding going in Mists of Pandaria. Reckless is a guild that has always strived to have a very laid back atmosphere and be a home for people while also being focused on moderate 10-player raid progression. If this sounds like a guild for you, read on for raid details.

Roster Needs
We need a couple damage dealers, not a Hunter, with an average PVE item level of about 494. Should also be capable of at least 70K DPS sustained in all raid situations while not standing in stuff. A Balance Druid is preferred.
Addtionally, a back-up healer would also be useful. A Restoration Druid or Holy Paladin is preferred.

Raid Times
Our raid times are Weds, Thurs, and Sun, 8:00 PM-11:00 PM EST.

Raid Progress
Currently we've completed all of Tier 14 and have now killed Tortos in Throne of Thunder.

Loot Rules
We don't use any sort of DKP system, just /roll's to start out with. If loot is further contested then we may look at who already received gear that raid or who benefits more, but because this is a 10-player raid and thus contested loot usually only involves 2 people, those involved can just talk it out to determine who gets it.

This is a guild that has people who may like to act out for fun but within reason. Like I said, we're very laid back and will let most things slide or laugh along with you, but you must always be respectful of others if they ask you to stop. Even if you disagree with them, remember that a raid is made up of individuals with different opinions and personalities. You can disagree while still being respectful.

Contact Info
You can always contact me through either whisper or in-game mail.
Who let you on the forums, Koa?
this guild is dumb!
We can still use 1 ranged.
Update our progression, fail leader.
Bump with updated Roster Needs.
Poor shadow priests. Blizzard really did a number on them this expansion.
Cayreth is still a monster!
Cayreth is still a monster!

It's the hair.

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