Spriest/ Warlock LF raiding guild

hey Hyjal, 2 guys looking to xfer to a new server to raid. our mains are warlock and a spriest but we also have alts as far as a each of us having a frost dk, fire mage, and im finishing off leveling my warrior to tank raids. we can raid during the week and preferably not too late. Weekends are a no go for us as well. let us know watsup thanks.
I'd like to talk to you more in detail in game. Feel free to battle.tag me. Rezy#1582
Add SuddenChaos#1348
add FBtheGreat#1310
heading into 25s from 10s and could use both classes
I would like to talk to you we have spots for ranged dps in our 10 man progression team, raid times would be 530pst-9pm w/th/fri. add me Ohhhshiney#1305 if your intrested current prog is 6/16 hc
I really need to write my battletag down.

We'd be interested in both of you. Hit me up in game or head to our site wolvesofwar.com
Silly Ishnok not updating his thread...

Both of them are currently in Provisional Sin....or the priest will be once they transfer lol

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