<Medieval>25 is recruiting.

Who we are: We enjoy pretty much all aspects of the game from Arena and bgs to current and old raids
What we are looking for: Blood DK, HPally, Disc Priest, Mage, and 2 melee dps for our upcoming 10 man raid team.
Raid times: Sundays and Mondays 6pm server time(Subject to change)

What we are looking for: Someone interested in running our rbg team.(days and times TBD)

If you're interested in becoming part of either team leave a reply here or contact myself or Invincible in game.
I recently transferred to this server and I'm looking for a guild where I can raid do whatever. Mainly looking for people that are cool and basically a home on the server. My gear isn't great right now but it doesn't take me long to gear up.

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