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Continental Types is a Level 25 "moderate" guild now on Proudmoore, looking to recruit raiders for progression content. We have traditionally raided 25man content, however, our old home (Stonemaul) is dying and recruiting in MoP had become virtually impossible forcing us down to 10man raiding for the first time in our existence. We finally had enough and decided it was time to transfer to a realm with some life, did our research, and have landed here on Proudmoore.

We raid Tue-Thurs, 6:30PM - 9PM PST. We are looking to bolster our ranks across the board (core raid spots are available) and are looking for players who have positive and mature attitudes, are intelligent and prepared, are motivated to complete the current content, and who can commit to our raid schedule consistently or can communicate when they cannot.

Our short term goal is to complete as much of the current raid content as possible, in any capacity, before patch 5.2 (currently "targeted" for Feb. 26th). Our long term goal is to get back to raiding relevancy, scale our numbers to a point where we can run multiple 10man groups on multiple days and evaluate the possibility of getting back into 25man raiding which is really where we are most comfortable.

Continental Types was created by Absofacto & Marcail (whom have raided end-game content since vanilla) back in early 2009. It was formed because we were unhappy with hardcore raiding yet not satisfied with casual raiding. It is our goal to tread the ground between fun and progress, without feeling like the game is a job, and to provide a friendly yet serious raiding environment where our players are focused on progressing while still having fun and lives outside of the game.

If Continental Types sounds like a guild you want to be a part of, please visit our website at http://wow.continentaltypes.com and click Apply in the recruitment module on the left. We will also consider non-raiding applicants who fit our goals/philosophies. If you have any questions you can post here, send a pm on our forums, or whisper Absofacto, Marcail, Safron, or Belldandy in-game.

Thanks for your time,
/Absofacto (Formerly Dousk)

Current progression: MV (6/6), HoF (6/6), ToES (4/4), ToT (2/12)
Meant to say Feb 26th, not Mar 26th. Corrected.
Come and join us....you know you want too
Updated progression. We've added a few great recruits, still looking for more.
Updated our progression.
Still looking for some new recruits, specifically healers.
Still looking for a skilled healer to join our heal team!
Updated our progression.
I would love to join I'm at about 474 ilvl, I'm currently waiting for the 5.2 BoE BiS to surface so I can snatch them up.

One of the things I think makes me stand out the most is that I'm a really guild oriented player. I love helping lower levels with money for mounts, or getting that dungeon gear. Or getting the guild through their heroics, scenarios, and lfrs. Trying to help them get there 10 points in arena, whatever the case may be.

Cheers. ^^
Updated our progression, we are now officially caught up. Time to focus on Throne of Thunder!
Madridis, thanks for the response! Would you be available for a vent conversation? We find it's the best way to get to know potential recruits and answer any questions about the guild.
Jin'rokh the Breaker down!
Madridis, thanks for the response! Would you be available for a vent conversation? We find it's the best way to get to know potential recruits and answer any questions about the guild.

I would love to. However a recent major event has happened; my computer has seemed to turn on me, and is currently in the repair shop as we speak.
It shouldn't be to long as it seems like a memory stick issue or hard drive issue. Trying to go to a computer cafe to get valor capped for this week but it wont be easy haha.
Thank you much for the opportunity and i will not cease to disappoint.

- Comp seems to be repaired -- doing some stress tests now and seems to all be in order. Will contact you when available.
Updated our progression, really in need of healers and/or a healer lead.
Updated our raid days.

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