[A]Risk Assessment 10M recruiting

This is Risk Assessment.

We are a weekend raiding guild looking to
push through progression, led by ex end-game raiders.
we are currently looking for people who are at least 2/6 in HoF and 6/6 in MSV

Raid Schedule: Thursday/Friday 6:00pm server time
is when we are expecting to pull our first boss and the raid will run through until 8pm
server time. Raiders are expected to be online and ready by 5:45
We will be doing MSV 6/6 and 1-2/6 in HoF Thursday night and Friday nights will be progression based

Mogu'Shan Vaults is going to be a secondary raid and we will be focusing on Heart of Fear for progression.

If you are interested in any additional information please feel free to message
Highbernate or Handapunter in game

All information on class/roll recruitment can be found
at www.ra-us.guildportal.com

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