[A-RP] Mother Church's Conference

Moon Guard
I'm excited about this. It seems like there is a dip in the number of server events/other things lately.
Weeks three and four sound like something up Regg's alley.
It is today, folks.

8 PM, Northshire, Library Wing, Second Floor.
Afraid I'm not going to make it. My guild's daily RP is at 8 server.
Tonight's event was fun. People debated on the complexities of the Light for a good hour.

However, in the next meetings I will be even more forceful about OOC dislikes.

That said: I will not have anyone bad mouth other guilds, orders or characters in this event. If it is done even -once-, I will invite the person that did it to leave. Failure to comply will result in /ignore and kick from the raid.
Next monday I shall host the event again, friends.

Same place, same time. Northshire Abbey, Library Wing, Second Floor, 8 PM.

The topic will be "The limits of mercy - Does everyone deserve it? Is there any situation where it might be unwarranted?"

Once again, I reiterate that it is an academic meeting only.
I will happily have Renn send her thesis on the topic to you by Friday since I'll be moving Monday. :)
Looking forward to the next one.
02/21/2013 03:34 PMPosted by Rennali
I will happily have Renn send her thesis on the topic to you by Friday since I'll be moving Monday. :)

That would be great.
In times of war, these topics are always relevant.

Come this monday, you will not regret.
"By safeguarding those around him, a paladin aids in his own defense."
Tonight we have another session.

Show up and you will not regret. Northshire Abbey, 8 PM.
The Light's will be done.
Tonight's event was a blast. Everyone had the chance to collaborate and discuss the topic.

I await everyone next week.
Great discussion as always, Moor learned things!
Next week, a topic that always generate much controversy:

The relation between the Church and the Silver Hand. Come, discuss in a friendly manner and be enlightened.
The Order will be there in force next time.
Another session approaches.

As said in the OP, you are free to voice your opinions, given it is done in a justified and respectful manner. In fact, I welcome disagreement, or else things would be boring.

Tomorrow, 8 PM, Northshire Library Wing, Second Floor.
For Mother Church!
Session 3 Tonight, folks.

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