Warriors; Prot, Arms, or Fury???

I really like my orc here <--- and i was just wondering which one of these two do you prefer, i prefer arms, but would prot be better for dungeons?I never really liked fury and dual weilding, i have a huge level rogue and i got tired of dual. i prefer dps and never really tanked. But which one do you prefer? Thx.
I meant which of the 3 specs do you prefer? lol sorry.
Prot for instant queues to level up faster in dungeons.
02/11/2013 06:55 PMPosted by Dugnar
i have a huge level rogue

please define
Let me be serious with you.. just for a second..

Do you want to be like cloud, from FF and Siegfried from Soul Caliber?

Or do you want to be relentless like Dante, from devil May Cry and Cronos from God of War.

Or do you want to be like Link from Zelda and have a Shield and be the hero.. that is the choice you should make.

Warning: fury warriors are not all blood thirsty animals. Arms could actually turn you into trunks from DBZ... The Buster Sword is not in game... Some assembly is required...
This comment is my all time favorite!!!

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