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Hi, I know that this is completely off topic, but, how much bandwidth in GB does WoW use per day? month? :) Thanx for any answers.
just to add my two cents, I also have a monthly cap on data usage. I need this feature as well.
WOW uses approximately 8-10 megabytes per hour the last time I found something on this subject.
Also adding my support... Im on a usage based internet and would greatly appreciate an option to turn off background downloading, im not on a Mac, though, but the problem is still there!
Same here, limited usage, need to turn it off
Any update on this?
I am a returning player, and cannot have the agent.exe download 20+ GB on my 3G account.
Same question, has there been a fix put out?
yes, a fix was put out many weeks ago. download the new launcher, go into settings, disable downloading future patch data. you can evek cap download speed for both current data and future data.
I have played all night via a 4G connection for the past several months and usually use 50-200 MB per night, which is good, and I connect at home on my home Internet to download updates to Windows and WoW and other things. However, on 12/21/13 and 12/22/13 I ate through 6GB of data total and want this to stop. The options provided in the previous post do not exist. How can I disable downloading of patch data until *I'm* ready to download it?
There hadn't been any new patch data anywhere near that size in a while. Unless you fired wow up for first time in months, that data was from something else.
If you are using a Mac on a constrained network, you might want to consider getting the app Little Snitch. It is a commercial application (paid) that will allow you to precisely control which application may connect to individual internet services. It can help you identify and prevent applications from silently connecting to the Internet.

Little Snitch has been around a long time and is considered the "Best in Class" app for this function on the Mac.

For those skilled in UNIX, it is possible to do these functions from the built-in utilities without purchasing additional software. But they are a pretty nerdy set of tools. I'm a programmer and can use those tools but prefer Little Snitch just for ease of use. I'd have to be REALLY broke to torture myself with command line firewall micro-management.

I don't have any relationship with Objective Software other than a happy customer.

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