LF Fresh Raid Group.

Looking to join/start/help/leech/nurture/love/ a raid group(not guild).

I have no experience raiding in MoP other than watching video's and reading up on fights i'm doing LFR right now but it's not the same and isn't proving to be the most fruitful way to gear up.

I can tank and am trying to learn to heal.

I want to raid but my days and time don't seem to match up with my guild so i'm seeking a group i can start and progress with. If anyone else is in the same boat and wants to try to set up a group let me know.

I'm good Saturdays right now and can make /adjust my times for the right group for more days.
What days and times can you make during the week Mistreat? Our group is dedicated to progressing but not hardcore by any means. Hit me up here or in game on Aenendar if you are still looking to make something work.

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