[A] <EC> 1/12H LF 1healer for ToT 6hour/week

Easy Company is looking for capable dynamic players for semi-casual raids Fridays/Saturdays from 8pm-11pm server time.

Current Progression:
1/12h, 12/12 farmed

Looking for:
1 Healer (Paladin STRONGLY preferred)
Possibly 1-2 exceptional dps

This is a perfect raid for those who want to still raid in MoP, but don't want to have to dedicate 3-5 nights/week to killing internet dragons.

Requirements: Everyone that wants to be considered should be at the very least lfr geared and have experience with every fight, gemmed, and enchanted. Knowledge of your roll in the fights are a requirement(read a guide, watch a video), and experience are a huge plus. Ventrillo and a mic are required for healers and tanks.

Loot: Loot is purely /roll 1000 mainspec, showing respect for other players in the raid. I. E. /rolling on an item that's a sidegrade to someone elses 26ilevel upgrade. (This method of loot distribution has never been an issue so far in the previous 2 expansions).

Mats: Bring your own mats at the start, we'll cover the repairs. Once a player shows up consistently (2+weeks in a row on time) we will start providing all mats required for raiding (flask/pots/food/enchants/gems/beer?).

About Easy Company: Easy Company has gone from a server first KT 40m Naxx guild in vanilla (http://youtu.be/bJAMIUKwy50?t=44s), to a semi-hardcore raiding guild in BC (http://youtu.be/1UQMEyIAcNU?t=12s), to a semi-casual 10m guild in Wotlk and Cataclysm (http://youtu.be/Lj_j5lhLHCY?hd=1&t=12s). One of the great things about Easy Company is that we're able to push into hardmodes with 1/3rd the raiding time of most hardmode guilds. We like to have fun in our raids only becoming serious when we need to.

To apply: To apply simply contact me in game on the character Eleventoes. You can also add me on battle.net as Dork#1902. Thank you.
I am interested in the tanking position, could you please add me on real ID, Jimmy#1553. I would like to further discuss this.
Still looking, 1-2 tanks. Only 2 short nights/week. Solid group.
Updated for ToT!
Hey there, I would be interested in a DPS position, your raid times are perfect. I sent you a real ID request but I completely forgot to put a note, doh. My battletag is Brutaliate#1670
2 healers on horde side LF a solid home. Extensive raid history. added you

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