487 disc priest LF raid guild

Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Gavinhealz/advanced

Hi everyone! My name is Gavin. I'm a 487 human disc priest (working on shadow off spec) and I am looking for a 3/4 day/week raiding guild since I just transferred here today.

6/6 msv normal both 10 and 25 man - I know HM up to Feng and will learn more when needed.
5/6 HoF - I know all fights in HoF normal mode.
1/4 ToES - I know all fights in ToES normal mode.

Times Available:
I can make nearly any raid times Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday
I can make any raid times after 6 p.m. pst on Mondays and Wednesdays

Other things:
I buy my own buff food/flasks/pots/gems/enchants unless the guild happily supplies them to raiders. I know my lack of clears is discouraging but I haven't really had the opportunity to even attempt most fights. I've read up and watched guide videos for every HoF and ToES normal mode boss so I know the fights. Being on a pvp server and a dead server I haven't had much of a chance to join a raid team that was serious about clearing content.

I'm more than happy to trial raid for any team as long as they have the same goal as I do. If you want any other information (WoL, ui screenshot, etc.) feel free to mail me in game or something along those lines.

Thanks for reading!
Untold Legacy is a level 25 social/raiding guild. We are currently recruiting all players 18+ and all levels/classes/specs. We are looking for a raid leader who is willing to help build up a team. We are also interested in a rbg leader. We want people who will help their fellow guildmates with dungeon runs, running older content and getting achievements. Visit our website www.untoldlegacy.enjin.com or whisper one of our officers (Gooftroopr, Disciplines, Atsirk, Chucknôrrîs) in-game for more info. Currently raiding sat/sun
Still looking. Cleared Amber Shaper in a pug tonight. 3/6 HoF
Cleared Elite protectors. 1/4 terrace
cleared garalon and windlord. 5/6 HoF
Lzuruha is always recruiting new members but currently we're trying to fit together a 25m if that interests you? Our raid times are usually at night and you can check out the post here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7811151792
Immortals is looking for a heal feel free to send me an ingame mail or whisper me :)
We are a guild that has been around since Nax was current content in WotLK. We have had a lot of players, stop playing the game or take extended breaks.

We are looking to rebuild for 5.2 and get our top 20 status back

We are looking for the following.


Priest, Druid or Monk Heals (DPS O/S)


DK, Lock, Hunter, Rogue, Monk


DK, Paly, Monk (DPS O/S)

We would prefer someone who is the same progression as us or close to and item level 480+ looking for players who are willing to work on progression, and get into HM, we just need a few geared knowledgeable with good raid awareness.

We raid Tues, Wed, Sun from 915pm-12:00am est.

If you are interested please /who unconquered and look for myself, Bloody or Bheliom for more information

We provide, flasks, feasts, and repairs once you earn your core spot.
Still looking for the right home. <3
sent you an in-game mail bout an hour ago. respond to me anytime past 5pm server time tomorrow if you're interested and if i'm not taking a nap at that time xD

here's my thread if you want to read it.


hope to hear from you soon!
I just thought I'd stop in and say welcome to the server. I'm sure it's pretty obvious to you by now that even in pugs you are able to progress through the current content rather smoothly.

Here are some words of encouragement for you. Do not settle for a slot on a team that doesn't provide exactly what you are looking for. It may take you some time, but it's worth the wait to secure a permanent slot in a role you actually want to play. Stormrage has only been home to myself and my guild for just about a month now, and we are taking our time making sure people are the right fit for our team and vice-versa. With the amount of guilds and transfers here looking to accomplish the same goals as you, I'm sure you will find exactly what you are looking for if you are patient.

If you just wanna chat or rage to someone, feel free to hit me up @ battletag Invictis#1189
Still looking. I'm interested in full time healing, no dps os until maybe next patch. No bench spot. Somewhere around 13/16 or just starting heroics. something like 1-3/6 msv
My guild is 15/16 N and will soon be finishing Sha and pushing into heroics. We have an immediate opening for a full time Disc priest and it sounds like we're exactly what you're looking for. Details can be seen in our thread here:


or you can get in touch with me on real ID, Laif#1313
Gavinhealz, I am your alternate contact For tiras, if you're still interested, please add me @ Doobies #1271 or send my an in-game mail. I look forward to talking with you!
Looking for a guild again. 13/16 NM know ALL fights up to garajal HM.

I am looking for an exceptional disc priest. We are a 5/16 heroic 25 man team. www.amwow.net

You can apply there, battletag is available there too :)

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