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Greetings, fellow paladins. Recently, I have been getting more into PVP, and find that paladin PVP can be quite fun. However, there are certain questions I have about paladin PVP. Will ret be at all viable for casual PVP in 5.2? Or, should I set a holy spec aside as my PVP spec? A third option would be making 2 paladins: 1 being ret for PVE, the other being holy for PVP. What should I do? Thank you in advance for your advice.
Everything is viable for casual play.
That's cool. But, out of the three paladin specs, what is your personal recommendation for PVP in terms of enjoyment?
It depends on what you mean by "casual" I personally find ret fun to play but holy is by far better in competitive pvp. If you are someone that enjoys healing I would stick with that.
No reason to stop playing ret atm, we are getting tons of buffs in 5.2
Thank you for your responses. Now that I think about it, how is the prot spec for pvp?
Prot is not very good to be honest. With the vigilance change awhile back tanks are not good for anything but carrying flags and defending nodes and warriors and druids make up most of the good tanks out there.
If you enjoy the class, play whatever spec you enjoy most.

You're paying $15 per month and putting in time that could easily be spent doing something else, why not at least get enjoyment in return?

For instance, I have a 90 Lock and 90 Mage, both doing really well in the current season, but I don't play them very often because it's just not as much fun.

Ret is looking pretty good in 5.2 and i'll probably settle down and try and get an arena team going for actual rating, not just points, and see how it goes.

I enjoy Holy, but i've dedicated my Resto Shaman to PvE and PvP healing for this expansion. I'll stick with Ret. I enjoy the concept behind the spec and Ret damage really isn't as bad as everyone is saying. Survivability is getting a boost in 5.2, so it should be decent. I'm excited.

But, in the end, play what YOU like.
Really you should just play what you have fun with. If ret is your niche, stick with it, if it's holy then go holy. Simple as that :3 don't be fotm, do whatever DAFUQ you wanna do!
often times I join a BG and chose my spec based off what's in the group. But I usually pick holy because I can swing the tide of the game with one lay of hands
Yeah ret is ok casually but competitively we are squishy and not sought out for rbgs. During an arena I went against a warrior at 35% health and i was at 100% had my cds and just got wrecked. I got stunned up the !@# and when I popped my cds was disarmed and fear chained. so had to run and try to kite and heal but my heals were trash. I am even fully pvp res gemmed and and still get wrecked, and iv been experimenting between pvp power/res. we were pretty balanced prior to 5.1 but the pvp power nerf just killed the class but hopefully 5.2 will change our survivability in pvp
All classes and character specs get their moment to shine from patch-to-patch. Eventually Ret for a short duration of time will be massing all over the top Arena charts.

As for now, and most likely early 5.2, Holy is the dominating competitor. Their handy utility and quick abilities to top a player off and avoid a quick zerg down make them extremely handy. Along with having 3 different kinds of usable CC that do not DR with each other.

Anyway, check this video out on a Ret pally named VANGUARDS and also of course, SWIFTY -

It's just for jokes. Not hating on either one of them.
Thanks a ton for the responses. This truly is helpful for me. I have always focused on pve in this game, so I am still somewhat familiar with many of the workings of pvp.

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