[H] Prot paladin tank seeking new team


I'm currently on a server with little progression and am looking to transfer to a US-West server that fares well with progression. Hello, Blackrock!

Most of my raid experience is from WOTLK where I ran guild progression runs through Ulduar, TOGC10/25, and ICC10/25. I took a break during most of Cataclysm, and came back a little over a month ago. I have played through every expansion, but my focus was PvP until WOTLK.

What I can bring to the table

While my gear and current progression is a bit less than what some of your other applicants may have, I have some great perks.

* Analytical ability - I can help identify weaknesses or issues that may be getting in the way of progression, and will do so without sounding like a jerk. Nobody likes that one guy that is making you feel bad for not being perfect.

* Motivated - I am motivated to do well in this game. This means doing the proper research and taking the time to do dailies and level up professions for the optimal stat bonuses. I hope to join a team that is equally motivated.

* I gear myself as optimally as possible. You won't ever have to tell me I'm gearing incorrectly, and I know how to spend my valor points. I have 600/600 in BS and Mining for the stamina bonus, and have race changed to Tauren for additional bonus. Currently at 560k base health.

* I know how to research the fights and can hit the ground running on new bosses

My current 5.1 experience is:

MSV - 5/6
HoF - 2/6

I know it's not much, but I've had limited time on this expansion thus far, and have been essentially guildless on a server with little pug activity.

What I expect from you

I just have a few small things to ask:

* Raids should start no earlier than 7 PST and no later than 8 PM. I can raid until about 12:30 AM PST occasionally but would prefer 4 hours a day max.

* Raid days should not occur on a weekend. I may consider Sundays with the right group.

* Three nights a week raiding. May consider four nights, but not two.

* Don't expect me to be perfect. Contrary to what a lot of mid-tier raiders may think, there are no perfect players. What you can expect is that I will learn things rather quickly.

* Last, but not least, the leaders should be likable, trustworthy, upstanding people, who are pleasant to be around in voice chat. I've had far too many groups where the raid leader is just not a very nice person to be around. I want my 9-12 hours a week to be fun and not stressful. This means, if there is someone who is doing something wrong, don't yell at the person. I actually had a guy who couldn't understand that yelling wasn't the only way to tell someone how to correct a problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Message me at Nuzz#1445 ingame if you would like to chat.

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