5.2 release too early?

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02/13/2013 02:21 PMPosted by Subrosian
An, but would it be relaxing if its all buggy and unkillable? :)

First week won't be relaxing.

Bosses have some heavy tuning, even on Normal, and facing 12 bosses instead of the 6 we faced in MSV is going to be a pretty big step up in the amount of "week 1 learning" people have to do. Let's say you're a 3-night 4-hour guild. You need to learn (and kill) a boss every hour... with trash you realistically have 3, maybe 4, attempts per boss.

You've been stepping up for the casual crowd, but now you're projecting that crowd to be able to get through all 12 bosses in the first week? I don't think so.
I would also like it to be pushed a couple weeks into March, but whatever.
Shouldn't you be advocating for an extension so you have time to give feedback of that sort, or are you experiencing cognitive dissonance and get to cherry pick when Blizzard listens to feedback?
Yeah I feel like its just a tad bit too early. More bosses than almost any other raid tier, and they have to take into account the time lost due to the big hurricane and the holiday season.

We just got 15/16 heroic and will start work on share soon, but its really cutting it close and we're having to discuss ignoring farm just to have a shot at killing share in time.

Obviously we don't want an endlessly long wait like we had with ICC and DS, but there is more than enough content to keep people going for a while. I think mid march to early April would be a better release schedule.
I don't think that's going to be the case, I think a couple of these fights are going to be a pain, even on Normal.

But don't all hardmode guilds normally finish all available normal modes within a couple days of release?
02/14/2013 04:32 PMPosted by Tezca
But don't all hardmode guilds normally finish all available normal modes within a couple days of release?

Yes, and..? s/he said they'd be a pain, not impossible/so extremely hard they can't clear it the first week. And that's a good thing, normals shouldn't be a pushover, that's why LFR exists with the guise of "For people to see content." A few fights I've seen thus far have been pretty good, albeit most pretty buggy - which is sad because the bugs from normal still exist today, excluding very few.

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