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Death Knight
Hello Fellow Death Dealers, I'm in search of a Transmog set to go along with my Shoulders, my current set is fine and all, but wanting more of a black/winter type look.
When I say winter I mean fur mixed in and such, if a set if out there and the shoulders don't match I'd like to see the set anyways, willing to drop Shoulders if other set is good

get yourself some tier 10 sir. you know you want it.
To... boring imo :/ if I wanted to look like the LK I would, but don't really care lol
Sadly the only set that would match your axe has been removed from the game. GG Blizzard.
Oh I plan on Transmogging the axe as soon as they allow them to be changed to swords, I'm looking for an armor set to match my shoulders, My current one is great but wanting one that has more fur with it
Take a look at mine. I have the same shoulders.
More looking for Black colors, gotta match in color :/
I would look into some of the Northrend armors, if you're looking for something like that.
Think I finally settled on a set... not really what I was looking for but i've looked everywhere and no such transmog really exsist :( hope blizz gives DK's a really good Frosty type armor set in future XD
02/12/2013 12:32 AMPosted by Cascar
get yourself some tier 10 sir. you know you want it.

some standard sets right here.
If you have a decent in-game wallet, Dreadnaught is always an excellent choice. Be prepared to spend a fortune alone however on both the helm and shoulders (unless you're on a dead server or one that's small).
Sadly I'm on proudmoore always at full :( I'm more looking at a fur type set, to match my shoulders
Well if you look at the second basic set of DK gear you get when you are doing the starter zone you get a bit of Fur there the Robe pants form the first one as well would diffidently look good with those shoulders IMO if you do however want to test and try stuff out get the Mog it addon and take bits and pieces of different sets mix and match them till you get your desired flow. As for me I'm not currently in my Xmog but it is a mix of tier 8,10,13 as well as the Hood that dks start off with and the frost style cap you get later in the starter area.

If you really want tomorrow I can go to work and try and put something together for you word of warring it some times takes me a while to ever get a basic flow going but with those shoulder pads I do not think it will be to difficult. :D

Message me back if you want me to give it a shot.
My current set is best I've found, hope they add a Nordic type set someday, till then my current one is alright

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