frosty and Blistering cold

Pet Battles
I love this lil guy, he follows me everywhere. he's out almost as much as im logged into the game. i use him in a large chunk of my battles cuz of his utility and health pool.
Problem is there is never a reason to not take Ice Tomb

its so good in comparison. there is never a good use for Blistering Cold. it sounds great when stacking it with call lightning etc. but even then its lack luster and opponent just swaps pet.

Blistering Cold needs a makeover to make it worth taking. ....badly.

Option 1.) Blistering Cold air surrounds target lasts 4 rounds. pets swapped into the blistering cold are frozen for one round and take 400 damage. 7 rd cd

option 2.) Blistering Cold air surrounds enemy team for 5 rounds. enemies have a 50 percent chance to take 100 damage each round

option 3.) blistering cold air surrounds target and reduces speed and accuracy by 50 percent for 2 rounds 5rd cd

anything really would be better than its current iteration
I agree, it is an ability with outstanding potential that has no really good use. Players will swap out against it, tamer-level NPCs will damage you enough that you'll need to keep swapping in and out in order to keep it up to not make it worth it.

I think make it a weather effect, 9 round duration, or a team-based effect, 9 round duration, and sort of the opposite of mudslide. The longer a pet is up, the more damage they take, encouraging players to swap out frequently or suffer massive damage.

This would keep it similar to its current form while making it more useful.
i agree
You just don't know how to use it. It's a great spell if you want to force a pet swap. Ice tomb won't do you much good if you are up vs anyone who can simply avoid/dodge/liftoff/burrow/deflect/etc... it. I've beaten frosty even with my uncommon onyxia because I'd just lift off for every ice tomb. Frosty is a very solid pet though, has 2 very strong attacks, one changes weather.

In 5.2 you'll probably be better off with blistering cold too, way too many pets get a skill that flat out blocks 2 attacks which will impact use of ice tomb significantly.

Now baby blizzard bear, that's a pet that could use some changes to his moves so they actually make sense.
why would anyone send up ice tomb if u have liftoff? that example means u are playing against dumb opponents. and forcing a pet swap with ice tomb is just as easy. for the same reason u said. if i want to get rid of pet A from the front line more than likely opponent will have a pet with avoidance to switch to. regardless, the current iterration is bad and needs reworked. i like imaguis idea of having a stacking persisting through pet swap chill effect that has a double multiplier over lets say 6 turns so turn one 100 turn two 200 turn 3 400 etc stacks fall on pet swap
That's the point, there are situations where one works better than the other. His inability to use a skill properly does not mean it is a bad skill. There are a few skills that are never going to be used such as roar by baby blizzard bear or Batter by Mini-Thor except in a very very rare scenaios. Frosty doesn't suffer from those problems though.

This complaint above is equivalent to someone complaining that they'll never take Moth Dust over Moth Balls.
yes i agree that its similar however the point of the thread wasnt necessarily to compare which talent to go with. The point i was making is that it isnt a good talent unless they get it to stick to pet applied to initially like a bomb, OR rework it

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