What is truly needed for Ret...

Something unique. That is what we are missing, is something very truly unique.

Every class has something unique that makes them desirable for RBG's and arenas...

--Druids have cyclone (undispellable CC and only DR's with, you guessed it, other cyclones), symbiosis, knockbacks, solar beam (balance), ursol's vortex (balance), displacer beast (freakin dumb ability)
--Rogues have smoke bomb, paralytic poison (non DR stun), wound poison, shadowstep
--DK's have gorefiend's grasp and necrotic strike
--Monks now have Ring of Peace on top of a bunch of other stupid crap.
--Hunter's have amazing control on top of amazing burst (scatter,trap,stun,silence,knockback trap,knockback powershot [with huge damage potential], web wrap/lullaby/monkeystun,disengage roots, dear lord need I go on?). Don't forget that pet sac is one of the best, if not the best, defensives in the game. And it's not dispellable. And it's on a 45 second CD. Deterrence is pretty good too seeing as it isn't dispellable and can be sued twice with readiness.
--Warrior's have their amazing control (warbringer,shockwave,aoe fear,disarm, disrupting shout,intervene,heroic leap) with amazing survivability (second wind,shield wall,die by the sword,spell reflect/mass spell reflect, etc), and obv god-like burst on short CDs with sustainable dmg inbetween. Don't forget their ability to almost never be feared. Don't forget about shattering throw.
--Shamans have double purge, which I know is getting nerfed and that sucks, so I'm going to have to say enhance is in a similar boat as ret. Resto seems pretty strong, but I don't know enough about the other two specs to really judge them properly, although enhancement seems very strong with ascendence. Ohhh yeah I just remembered... TREMOR TOTEM AND GROUNDING TOTEM.
--Warlocks are just stupid with their pet stun, spell lock, blood fear, mortal coil, aoe fear, dot cleave ability, chaos wave/chaso bolt huge damage potential, portal, gateway, etc.
--Mages have amazing control with so many CC options that don't DR (nova,pet nova,ring of frost, deep freeze, polymorph, counterspell) and can still put out massive amounts of damage even after frost bomb nerf. Don't forget their ability to almost never be stunned.
--Priests have Mass Dispel, Void Shift, Psyfiend, and honestly mass dispel is good enough
--Even Holy Paladins have unique and desirable skills. They have denounce, but in addition to denounce, they have something very valuable in PVP, the potential to rarely ever have to cast. And generally they will spec repentance. And aside from BURST, they offer everything a ret has to offer, but more.

--Rets have double HoP/freedoms/sac, which is good, but these are extremely easy to anticipate, get dispelled nearly instantly by instant click purge/dispel, or 1 shot dispelled with MD.
--Bubble is good, but again, very easy to anticipate and mass dispel quickly.
--Heals aren't nearly good enough to be considered unique. They used to be though...
--AoE blind is hardly unique. It shares DR with other random CC's, breaks too easily unlike ring of frost or even warrior fear now...
--They're giving us a friendly dispel with sac... This is hardly unique imo, seeing as warlocks imps and shadowpriests have the same thing. Mages and Shamans and Druids can do the same with curses.

Summary... Rets don't have a unique skill or ability that makes them desirable for arenas/rbg's, and with weak heals and poorly sustained dmg outside strong burst which can easily be avoided by CC/kiting, Ret won't get chosen over another class. Add something unique.

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