[A] <Group A> 6/6 2/6 1/6 Recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
<Group A> is currently recruiting a melee dps (480+ but we're flexible for the right player) for an immediate opening in our main 10 man.

In addition, we're taking anyone 90 as backups, and for 2nd group. Pvp'rs are welcome also, as we will be pushing rbg rating this coming season.

We are very laid back now 6/6 2/6 1/4. All members of our group have previous tier heroic raiding experience, we got a late start (2 months ago) and have been more focused on learning to work as a team, and gear up the 1-2 spots that we seem to have to rotate new people into every couple of weeks. 5.2 will bring a new raid and our focus will be pushing progression hard. We are expecting to be in heroics 2nd-3rd week of patch.

We raid Tue,Wed, Thurs 8:15-1130pm EST. Flasks, Repairs, Enchants, Cookies provided to our raiders.

Our name came out of most of us trying to be group 2 for gator boots.....and someone said F$%^ them, they can be group one, we're group A. And then we splintered off. In case you were wondering.

Send in game mail to Ragemistress, Shuteye, or Thehebrew with questions, interest. If online tells are fine too.

TL;DR Join our guild.
We have a solid group in serious need of competent players for heroic content. Also a few more for RBG's so we can push 2k for next season without having to pug 4-5 players.

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