[H] <ThunderCougarFalconBird> re-roll guild

Bleeding Hollow

<ThunderCougarFalconBird> is a new guild that has rerolled on BH with a few friends and are looking for casual and friendly players to join our ranks.

Who we are:

Five of us played on the server Stonemaul since vanilla WoW and have experience in many different areas. I was a raid leader up until Naxx in vanilla. Some of our members have end game BC/WOTLK raiding experience including heroic Lich King kills.

We stopped playing in Cata pre-firelands and just recently came back to the game. We re-rolled because Stonemaul is basically a low pop server and I was looking for an EST server with a higher population and found this one.

What we plan:

Our gaming habits have obviously changed as we have gotten older and some have started their own families. We are playing pretty casually and are planning on participating in end game content in some form. More than likely we would like to try and make a 10 man raiding guild but we obviously are not there yet and won't be for a little while. Basically, we're just looking to have fun with the game and not take it super serious.

What we want:

We are looking for like minded players who might not have the most time in the world to play anymore. We don't care if you are experienced or are newer to the game. If you would like to help a guild grow, this would be a perfect place for you.

We generally are on in the evenings on various days. Right now I haven't set up a vent but have been borrowing a mumble server to use.

How to contact:

You can obviously leave a message here and I'll try to contact you in game. In game mail also works or you can message any member of the guild and they can help if (they don't bite, probably). My other character on BH is named Punchingbagz (it was a character made for scrolling and I just kept it haha).

Anyway, thanks for checking this out!
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