[A] Prestigious 10m 3/13 HM | Holy Paladin

Heroic Ji'Kun down

Shadow priests are encouraged to apply!
Bump for Ranged DPS
I Know a very sexy hunter willing to join <3
Heroic: Horridon down

DPS who can keep up with a Brewmaster Monk are encouraged to apply
Bump for Blue Wizards with big damage
Sixthly won't love me. :(
No one loves you Nibren :)
Holy Paladin with a gambling addiction is high priority
Recruitment has been updated:

  • Paladin - Holy
My finger points!
Still looking.
We are still looking for a Holy Paladin.
Sixthly won't love me. :(

Six isn't alone in this.
Bump for Blue Wizards with big damage

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