18 sigil of Wisdom and 9 sigil of power.....

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I always told myself I would not be that guy on the forums complaining over this game, but this is really frustrating. In the past month I have gone from 10 sigils of wisdon to 18, but I have been stuck on 9 sigils of power. To top it all off I saw a blue post a few weeks back stating that they removed the sigil of power from the last 3 LFRs. So basically you can only get these from 6 bosses, but you can get a sigil of wisdom from any boss. ( If I am wrong on this please correct me ). It really doesn't make sense to have 18 wisdoms when you can only turn in ten and then you have to delete the rest.

I find it hard to believe that in this day and age of technology that you can't code the game to check your bags before giving you a that you don't need. Let's say that the WOW team doesn't have time to code that logic because they are hard working on pet battles that everyone has been screaming for. :\ Give us a simple option to trade out 5 wisdoms for 1 power or vice versa.

I would like to say that I'm thankful that I can even have a legendary weapon at some point just from doing LFR, but I just wish this type of issue didn't occur.

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Classic. Sorry to find this funny, but it's only becuase I feel your pain and frustration.

I only do PvP, but for the first time I'm doing heaps of LFR becuase I also want to have a legendary weapon. But I have been so annoyed at how long it takes to get these sigils. I'm not in a big guild, so I don't do normal raids for the easy sigil drops, and nothing beats the empty feeling of waiting 55 mins for LFR to pop as a DPS, then doing a 1 hour raid, killing 4 bosses and having no sigils drop!

For someone who only wants to PvP, it ain't fun waiting 55 mins then raiding for no reward. You are closer than me though. I still need 3 sigils to complete the quest :(
I'm glad someone out there feels my pain. I am like you as in I pretty much just PVP and don't have access to the time or a real raiding guild.

Can you even farm the black prince rep from Honored to Revered if you haven't turned in the Sigil quest? I can't seem to find this answer anywhere.
To answer your one question. You can farm to revered without doing the quests. As for the sigal trouble i have the same problem, 14 wisdom 9 power :| its madning!!!
the power sigil drops from the first 3 bosses in mogu vaults. not sure about other locations. they have several more but they also have what you do not want which is wisdom sigil.

lfr is a coin toss
normal/heroic is guaranteed drop.
11 Sigils of Wisdom - 9 Sigils of Power. That's where I sit at the moment. I did MV's last night (both of them in LFR) and wouldn't you know it, no Sigil of Power. But explain this - I looted a Sigil of Wisdom from MV?

What's going on. I loot a Sigil of Wisdom from MV? Is that even possible? Why no Sigil of Power!

I want to get my orange gem.

pwetty please drop the last sigil for me :(
We may have all been in those same shoes. But you *will* get that last doodad and you'll get the quest done.

Then start counting valor from zero to 6000. Should be a historical retroactive count. So lame, I stopped looking at my count. I'll get it someday!
Funny, when I was doing this part of the Legendary quest, I had 20+ Power and <10 Wisdom. Quite the opposite of your situation.
I would like to add my two cents on this topic. A friend and I have been gearing up a couple of alts while waiting for 5.2. My friend received all his sigils a week ago and is now counting his valor points for part two. After completing this weeks LFRs, my poor alt has 13 wisdom and 4 powers. I just can't seem to get the power sigils to drop on my pally :-(

By the way, I noticed I had a wisdom drop in MSV. Has Blizz completely removed the power sigils? Has anyone else noticed Wisdome dropping in MSV? I thought both power and wisdom only dropped in ToES. This really bites.
I run every LFR, every week. 18 wisdom...........6 power. Such BS.
Add me to the list. Five weeks ago I was at 5 Sigils of Power, 8(?) Sigils of Wisdom. The next week I received one Sigil of Power so was at six. Over the next two weeks I received NO Sigils of Power.

This week I'm halfway through Mogu'shan, was excited for a minute when I saw an orange sigil drop off of Spiritbinder, and it was a Sigil of Wisdom.

So now I'm nearing three weeks with no Sigil of Power drops. Something seems wrong.
I forgot to say that over the same time I've worked up to 18 or 19 Sigil of Wisdom drops. But I have been deleting them as per this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7922982264?page=1#2

But I contacted the GMs last week and they told me there was no confirmed bug with Sigils of Wisdom affecting Sigil of Power drops. Not sure if that poster was mislead by a GM or was misleading us.

By the way, assuming that the drop rate on a sigil of power is 33%, the chance of going six bosses with no Sigil of Power dropped is .66^6, or 8.3%. (The GM intimated to me that the drop rate was supposed to be about 33%, but this could be incorrect of course.) This is roughly one out of 12 people.

The chance of going two weeks (12 samples) is .66^12 or 0.68%, or one out of 146 people.

The chance of going three weeks (18 samples) is .66^18 or 0.00056% or one out of 1785 people.

How many weeks have you guys been going with no drops? These numbers may be plausible on the surface but to have so many people having issues with Sigil of Power drops makes me concerned that there is a bug that the developers haven't detected yet. And the progress on all of our quests is being delayed by weeks for no reason.
Took me 3 weeks to get the last Sigil of Power. I went 2 weeks with all the bosses being downed in Mogushan, with not 1 drop. Then lucky for me it dropped off the first boss in the 3rd week :)
... and finished Mogushan Vaults for the first week of 5.2 with yet again ZERO Sigils of Power. But another Sigil of Wisdom dropped off of Elegon. :/
Last night HoF did the first 2 bosses. Couldn't loot sigils of wisdom of any of them.

Have 10 sigils of power, and 8/10 wisdom.

Put in ticket.

GM reply: We've never heard of that bug before so I'm not giving you the items you need to complete the quest.


Wait a sec...

They can check logs and see who was there and what dropped. Customer service much? If you want to tell me ok, sorry we can't do anything about legendary quest drop bugs, try again, fine I'll accept that.

Telling me well I've never heard of that happening so you can't have the items you deserve. Sounds like a major case of laziness to me.
They should be automatically added to your bags? What exactly was the bug?
also have the same sig prob/bug. LFR after LFR and i was lucky to add another sig of Wisdom to my collection. 18 sigs of Wisdom to my 8 sigs of Power.
Thought I'd add to this discussion. I'm currently sitting at 28 Wisdoms and only 9 Powers. I've used probably 12 Elder Charms on the MSV bosses and havn't even gotten a loot spin, let alone a Sigil of Power. Not to mention I'm already exalted with the Black Prince, this is getting extremely frustrating.
I to am frustrated with this quest line. I'm at 18 Wisdom and 3 Power. I am also exalted with the Black Prince. The Power Sigil aren't dropping correctly I think. At least compared to the Wisdom. I run all the LFR's at least twice a week maybe more. Nothing but Wisdom. Fix it Blizz please.
I don't know for sure that it is a bug but I do know that the drop rate isn't what it is suppose to be. My wisdom is at 18 and growing while my power has been stuck at 7 for almost 8 weeks now. I do my LFR's every week in Mogu'shan Vaults and still no sign of power but plenty of wisdom. Do you think Blizzard that if enough people are experiencing the same problem that there may actually be a problem? Or is it that not enough people have complained to make it worth your while to pursue it right now. OK How many people will it take before you get the idea that something is wrong? After 8 weeks you would think that I would see at least 1 power instead of wisdom or is that just too much to ask for. A response to Our questions would greatly be appreciated sooner than later. Thanks

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