Prot pal 16/16n, 496 ilvl. looking @ openings

Hello, posting to see if there are any guilds on this server who might need a c/d more like e group tank for their guilds. Mainly looking to be in a backup position or 3rd - 5th on the depth chart, not really a fan of hm, and my gear isn't very well off.

Any guilds who run a 2nd 10 man or a.3rd to help gearing during progression might like my assistance.

Edit: yeah i know posted from an ally toon, armory Ailiya for my horde toon on Thrall.
if you are still looking we are in need of a tank we are 11-16 i know not as far but we have had a few problems with tanks atm. looking to push in 5.2 though and also in the currant tier
we are currently look for a pally or warrior tank to push progression in ToT fri-sun 7-10 sever est
We could use a backup tank in our guild. We keep a very small roster and when RL calls it really can slow progression. We raid Tues, Weds & Thurs 9pm-1130pm server. Hit me up if you are interested.

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