New Mantid Archeology, Wait on Pristines?

I am missing 4 or 5 pristines for the Seat of Knowledge and the title and I am currently working torwards collecting them in my spare playing time. I know that a new faction called Mantid is coming in 5.2. I am wondering if I should continue to work on my pristines now, or wait till 5.2.

The reason I ask is because I do not know how they are going to implement the new digsites. My hunch is that there will simply be new Mantid digsites intermixed with the current Mogu and Pandaren digsites. So when I look at my map, I might have 2 panda, 1 mogu, and 1 mantid digsite up. If this is the case, then I'll have to slog through the panda and mogu digsites to get the mantid ones to pop. I'd much rather wait and work on those final pristines then if this is the way its going to work. I would hate to waste my time now doing Arch if I'm going to be forced to go back to the panda and mogu digsites in 5.2

If the Mantid digsites are confined to the Isle of the Thunder King, then I'll keep on working at the panda and mogu digistes now. Any info would help.


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