Holy Avenger

Hi I was just wondering what would you macro holy avenger to? TV? Inq? AW?

I currently have it macroed to GOAK, AW, and dps trinket.

Just wondering if there is anything better to do?

02/12/2013 12:24 PMPosted by Vuruptor
I currently have it macroed to GOAK, AW, and dps trinket.

This is the quick and dirty way of doing it.

Personally, I drop GoAK and give him 10s to build stacks of the str buff, then I unload the rest of my CDs.
#showtooltip Holy Avenger
/cast Holy Avenger
/use 14
/cast Templar's Verdict

pops trinket and TV
I hit wings, blow a global(usually ES)then HA if I spec into it, so the 2 duration line up and im able to get off a wings ES without eating up any time on HA

I always leave out GoAK since you dont always wanna blow your 5min CD on something you could use in another fight a couple of minutes later with next CD cycle
Macroing it to TV seems like it wastes the first GCD of the duration, wouldn't it?

For that reason, and also because of the non-matching cooldowns, I wouldn't want to macro it together with much other than a trinket.
Thanks all. It makes great sense!
If you want the best possible usage out of it its probably best to put it off by itself, as you want to use it off cooldown so it synchs up with Wings at the 6 minute mark. Bad luck means you might loose a few seconds while building Holy Power. Basically the more your macro together the less control you have.

Having Guardian linked to anything would be foolish as its second use comes at the five minute mark at which point you shouldn't have Avenger or Wings up.

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