Shaman or Priest?

I can't really decide... I will mostly PvP on them, maybe a little pve..

If I went shaman Id go resto pvp and ele pve

priest, im not really sure yet lol..

what do u guys think?
I would go disc priest to heal in pvp

Shamans are great except you will have a really hard time learning the full totem system. You have to know what totem to drop at what time and do it in a split second or you will be a crap shaman lol

So, I vote for you to roll a priest!
At max level, shaman is stronger at pvp and priest is stronger in pve.

While leveling, priest is stronger at both.
I love being able to Disc heal or Shadow DPS in PvP.

Both have their fun points though, really no clear answer.
Disc is awful in PvP this season but is getting buffed in 5.2. Shadow is strong this season & I heard will be strong next season. Thus priest would be a good choice (I don't know about shammies).
Shaman. I may be a little biased, but I out heal priests all day. I am a fan of the new totem system, it's like having 10 extra cooldowns for specific situations. The disruption we have is also really fun, if you ever see a lock casting chaos bolt; windshear, grounding totem, hex, grounding, windshear, capa totem. You know you just made someone's day go to !@#$.

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